DGS Courses

DGS Course
DGS Course

The DGS, with its full name, Vertical Transfer Exam is a challenging exam that graduates of open education programs or vocational high school graduates take. Vertical transfer is made to 4-year undergraduate programs. Exam duration is 150 minutes.

The Basic Mathematics program is applied to the DGS Course, especially for those who are weak in mathematics lessons. Thus, our students can solve the questions in the field of mathematics without any problems during the exam with the technique they have learned. The DGS result is intended for students to be placed in the program they want.

We provide services with a specialist training approach with specialists special to DGS. Make-up lessons are also given for lessons that cannot be attended in our course. Many different techniques can be encountered by students in the exam. For this reason, our expert education staff provides training to use mental functions against question forms.

DGS exam questions are different from other exams. For this reason, we provide services to DGS with special expert training staff. If the class is not attended for any reason in our course, there is the possibility to make up the lesson in other groups.

Our trainees also have the opportunity to ask their teachers and solve the questions they cannot solve. In addition, our education staff, who are experts in reasoning and intelligence games, provide training against all question forms that our students may encounter in the exam.

Trial Exams 

In our course, trial exams are held to determine the areas where our trainees are missing. This exam is 25 units, Turkey is general. In addition, 5 times performance evaluation exams are held. In addition to topic repetition, question solutions and trial exams, 10 drill trials are made in June-July.

KPSS Course Areas

Online Kpss course We have general culture and general ability, educational sciences, A and B group courses for our students. Lecture and year-end repetitions will be made with the appropriate annual course hours.

By seeing your subject deficiencies with a trial exam held at times determined by our institution, we are eliminating these deficiencies with our expert trainers. A hard study is presented on current events in recent years, asked in KPSS.

ALES Course

ALES, which is held twice a year, mostly in November and March, is seen as an important step for those who want to make an academic career. ALES, a challenging exam consisting of Turkish and Mathematics tests, has a minimum score of 70.

As Specialist Career Training Institutions for this exam, which is valid for three years, ales course We serve with. You can get support by participating in our course to get one step closer to your dreams.

You can visit our site for more details about training courses. https://www.istanbulegitimakademisi.com

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