China Develops 140 Ton Lighter Oxyhydrogen Engine For Aerospace Studies

Developed tons of lighter oxyhydrogen engine for gin space work
Developed tons of lighter oxyhydrogen engine for gin space work

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) announced that it will create a new rocket engine line to accelerate and facilitate China's planned space studies. According to the state-owned satellite and rocket manufacturer, progress has been made in key technologies for a hydrogen / oxygen high-thrust combustion cycle engine that will serve the country's heavy-load carrier rockets.

According to previously announced reports, CASC is developing a lift rockets 140 tons less than those currently used. The rocket will provide support for China's lunar exploration, deep space exploration, large-scale space infrastructure construction, and space resources development. In addition, the rocket manufacturer has recently completed a reliability test for the high thrust oxyhydrogen engine designed for the Long March-5B carrier rocket, which will be used to launch the different modules of the Chinese space station. The core module is scheduled to be released this spring.

Source: China International Radio


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