The Largest Fuel-Related Tax Evasion Operation in the History of the Republic

the largest fuel-related tax voyage operation in the history of the republic
the largest fuel-related tax voyage operation in the history of the republic
Within the scope of the investigation initiated by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, under the coordination of the Directorate General of Security (EGM) Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime (KOM) Department, the Istanbul Anti-Smuggling Crimes Branch Directorate; Against a criminal organization engaged in tax evasion and qualified fraud related to fuel in 15 cities based in Istanbul simultaneously on 16.01.2021-50 WIPER code-named operation was carried out.
In the work done within the scope of the operation; An effective cooperation was established with the Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK), the Revenue Administration (GİB) and the Tax Inspection Board (VDK).
Within the scope of the investigation carried out, it was determined that the public institutions were damaged through information systems 220 The suspect was detained.
  • 170 gas station,
  • 23 fuel distributor company,
  • 1 station technical support firm,
  • 2 automation software and 1 affiliated branch. 242 At the point, the searches made with the participation of tax inspectors and revenue experts, include financial documents and computers, mobile phones, etc. digital materials were seized. Search and detention processes continue as part of the operation.
From fuel stations 608 million It was determined that the liter fuel sales data was deleted by intervening in the automation systems.
Approximate value of the current tangible value of the deleted fuel 3,6 billion According to the MASAK report, the state's annual 3 billion TL within 5 years 15 billion It was determined that a loss was incurred in TL.

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