Çitlekçi Preferred Railway For Imports Of 41 Containers

citlekci preferred the railroad for importing container containers
citlekci preferred the railroad for importing container containers

Owner of Çitlekçi, the leading company of dried nuts retail, Tunçlar A.Ş. It brought 41 containers of cargo to Ankara via Pacific Eurasia. Tunçlar Import Manager İlkin Kahraman, who is the pioneer of the dried nuts sector, said that the disadvantages of imports from China have disappeared, and that their products have reached Ankara in 18 days thanks to the railway, and they have gained a great advantage.

İlkin Kahraman stated that they experienced delays in imports due to the equipment shortage in China and the fact that they could not obtain a reservation on the sea routes. In this period when we were looking for alternative solutions, we started to evaluate the railway transportation model. The biggest problem in China was the container supply problem. At this point, Pacific Eurasia produced alternative solutions and supplied the necessary containers for all of our loads. 41 containers loaded from Xian were regularly monitored by the friends in the operation during their transfer from the BTK line. In this process, information was given to us regularly by Pacific Eurasia. "We even gained an advantage from intermediate transportation costs thanks to the direct import to Ankara."

Stating that they are constantly importing from China, İlkin Kahraman said that they will carry out their imports by rail in the coming period. First, Kahraman also underlined that they forwarded their monthly 1block train orders to Pacific Eurasia for the first quarter of the year.



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