Bursa High Speed ​​Train Project is in Investment Program But

bursa fast train project on the page of the investment program
bursa fast train project on the page of the investment program

Excitedly… Official newspaper'dated January 15, 2021 31365 Duplicates published in issue and 2021 Budget We examined the details.


In the 339-page investment program, our fast train It appeared on page 74.

In this chapter…

Bandırma-Bursa-Yenişehir-Osmaneli High Standard Railway There is primarily technical information under the heading:

In the project targeted for 2020-2025, the infrastructure is 145 kilometers, electrification 201 kilometers, supervision-consultancy-signaling 201 kilometers, superstructure 201 kilometers.

In the budget…

Our fast train the project we have expressed as the amount of 12 billion 619 million 099 thousand liras seems. Its 10 billion 397 million 092 thousand liras foreign credit.

2021 allowance, 450 million lira including foreign credit 545 million pounds announced. In other words, the contribution of the central administration to the project is 95 million TL.


Official newspaper'while reading the investment program published on Friday hayal kırıklığı we lived. Because only 12 million lira is foreseen for the 545 billion project this year. "This job does not end easily" leads to the thought.

This too despair means.


Ankara'Calling friends who are in the project, "Isn't the share allocated from this year's budget for such a big project?" we asked.

We saw that, they are not hopeless and to the subject budget techniques they look with eyes.

They said:

“The important thing is that the project is included in the budget. Even if it was 1 lira, it would still be important. Because this problem is solved by transfers within the budget. "

His gaze is this:

“Mr. President constantly tells Mr. Minister of Transport that he wants him to speed up this project. The minister also conveys to the subordinates. "

They gave the following message:

“The political will, especially Mr. President, is determined and willing for Bursa's high-speed train project. So there is no room for despair. "


We were pessimistic looking, but political will determination s again we got hoped.



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