20% Discount Journey Started with Istanbulkart at BiTaksi

travel started with bitakside istanbulkart
travel started with bitakside istanbulkart

IMM cooperated with BiTaksi on payment. BiTaksi users will now be able to pay for their journeys with Istanbulkart. Payments with Istanbulcard will be made at a 11 percent discount at BiTaksi until February 20.

BELBİM A.Ş., an affiliate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, has signed an important cooperation with BiTaksi, the host of digital journeys, to make life easier for Istanbulites. İstanbulkart was added to BiTaksi as a payment method. Moreover, the first trips to be made with Istanbulkart between January 11 and February 11 will be 20 percent discount.

BiTaksi users will select Istanbulkart, which has become the city's life card, as the payment method, click on 'Send BiTaksi' and call their taxi. When the payment screen comes to their phones at the end of the trip, they will be able to easily pay by touching their Istanbul cards on the back of their phones. Thus, Istanbulkart owners will experience a safe and contactless travel experience. Payment with Istanbulkart will be valid if there is sufficient balance on the card. It can be used by opening the NFC settings on Android phones, while it can be used in iPhone 7 and later phone models on iPhones.

Istanbulkart brings a new breath to mobile payments

BELBIM A.S. General Manager Yücel Karadeniz, Istanbul in Turkey and pointed out that among the most populous cities in the world, "to serve in excess of a lap Bunce differences wants too big a sacrifice. The first thing we think about in every innovation we make is to make the lives of our people easier. İstanbulkart is no longer just a transportation card. Life card of the city. With this vision, we offer the chance to pay in many parts of the city and we increase our work every day to be valid in every field. "We have added BiTaksi to our ecosystem by expanding our power in transportation in taxis."

Making life easier for Istanbulites

BiTaksi CEO Kaan Sancaklı stated that they are working to provide an easy, fast and technological transportation solution to their users and said, “It is very critical for us to be able to travel easily and without contact in this difficult period. With the digital payment option we have offered for years, our users can define their credit cards once in the system and pay their journeys without contact. Now, with the Istanbul card payment option, which we have implemented with IMM, we have once again facilitated the lives of Istanbulites. İstanbulkart is an important tool for creating integrated urban transportation networks. The addition of BiTaksi's technological infrastructure to this system will be a great convenience for our people and also pleasing for us ”.

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