Beşiktaş Will Carry Aygaz To The Championship In The New Season

Besiktas Aygazi will be the champion in the new season
Besiktas Aygazi will be the champion in the new season

support given to clubs that contribute to the development of Turkish sports TEMSE, and Turkey was signed the Road Transport Sponsor of the Handball Team Besiktas Aygaz great success in Europe. In the new season, black and white players will be carrying Safir Plus, which TEMSA has specially designed for the team.

Sabanci Holding, the main shareholder of PPF Group and Skoda Transportation used from participating in the partnership within Turkey's leading automotive manufacturer Temsa, continues its support to sports sponsorship to pursue their studies with the club.

Finally, countless trophies to Turkey kazanTEMSA, which signed a sponsorship agreement with Beşiktaş Aygaz Handball Team, has allocated a Safir Plus team bus to the club within the scope of the agreement. The vehicle was delivered to the club at a ceremony held at Vodafone Park with the participation of Beşiktaş JK Vice President Adnan Dalgakıran, Vice President Fatih Hakan Avşar, Handball Branch Officer Mesut Çebi, Member of the Board of Directors responsible for Marketing and Business Development Enis Ulusoy and Beşiktaş Aygaz Handball Team Player Burak Turan. . Within the scope of the agreement that will last for one year, Safir Plus, produced by TEMSA with a special design for the team, will carry the black and white players.

"Our black and white family is growing"

Making a statement on the subject, TEMSA CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu said, “Beşiktaş Aygaz Handball Team, one of the most successful branches of Beşiktaş JK, which we are honored to be a part of its success since 2016, has also joined the TEMSA family. It is very valuable for us to cooperate with a team that successfully represents our country in Europe and creates awareness in Turkish handball. Our black-and-white team family is growing. I am sure that our cooperation will continue for many years with the synergy we have created ”.

The locomotive of Turkish Handball: Beşiktaş Aygaz

Handball Branch Manager Mesut Çebi pointed out that Beşiktaş Aygaz has been the locomotive brand in Turkish handball for the last 10 years and said, “As one of Beşiktaş's iconic branches, being a team represented by a community with a fan base is a very valuable situation for Turkish handball. 11 years in a row championships kazanAs a well-established team, our aim is to carry this success further with the right collaborations. In this context, we, as Beşiktaş Aygaz Handball Team, are happy and proud to be on the road with TEMSA, one of the valuable brands of our club and with which we have achieved a good synergy.”

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