LPG will replace gasoline and diesel

LPG will replace gasoline and diesel
LPG will replace gasoline and diesel

The fact that Global Warming started to show its effects stimulated states. Following the 2030 emission targets set by the European Parliament for the European Union, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the 'zero emission' policy, which he called the 'green plan'.

As part of the Green Plan, the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles will be banned in the UK in 2030. One of the countries that set a 'zero emission' target before the end of the new year was Japan. In Japan, it is aimed to switch to hybrid or electric vehicles by 2030. The world's largest manufacturer of alternative fuel technologies brc'n Knitter's Turkey CEO Kadir related issues, "Zero emission targets for the next 10 years will become true. In the transition period, the importance of LPG vehicles will increase. In the near future, we can say that internal combustion engines will only work with LPG and its derivative alternative fuels ”.

Climate Change resulting from Global Warming has become a part of our lives. The great fire that smoked Australia in the first months of 2020 created an environmental disaster that could be followed even from space. Turkey also found that the change in the Eurasian geography in precipitation, drought has caused it to become a reality.

In the process that started with the 2020 Davos Summit and continued with the announcement of the 2030 emission targets by the European Parliament, last November, the UK put forward its 'zero emission' targets, which it called the 'Green Plan'. As part of the Green Plan, the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles will be banned in the UK in 2030.

In the last days of 2020, a similar decision came from Japan. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced that they will gradually stop the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles within the scope of the 'zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050' target.

So what do these decisions mean? Are we going to see combustion engines completely out of the market in the near future? The world's largest manufacturer of alternative fuel systems in Turkey brc'n Knitter CEO Kadir, noting the zero emission targets can not be performed at a time, he would play an important role in the transition of LPG vehicles.


On the subject, Kadir Örücü said, “The fact that scientific data that associates the global disasters we are experiencing with climate change has reached undeniable dimensions now forces states to take steps. "We should evaluate Britain's green plan, the emission targets of the European Union and Japan's carbon neutral plan in this context."


indicating that limited the life of polluting fuels such as diesel BRC CEO Kadir Turkey Knitter, "Today we have seen a constant part of our lives as we see that limit the lifespan of gasoline and diesel fuel. We can say that the ban that will start in England in 2030 will affect the whole world and the age of alternative fuel has started ”.


Stating that the zero emission targets set by the states will be realized gradually, Kadir Örücü said, “

internal combustion engine vehicles. It is not possible to change fuel in one day, but we see that the process has started. In the transition period, we can say that LPG will be the only fuel to be used in internal combustion vehicles, with the Global Warming Factor (GWP) declared as zero, determined by the United Nations. "LPG and CNG will be the fuel of our vehicles in the near future and will play an important role in the transition to electric vehicles."


Emphasizing that hybrid cars are encouraged during the transition to electric vehicles, Örücü said, “The constantly developing technology of hybrid vehicles makes the emission values ​​of these vehicles unattainable for diesel and gasoline vehicles. Compared to other fossil fuels, the use of LPG, known as the most environmentally friendly fuel, in hybrid vehicles will produce much lower values ​​than the carbon emission values ​​of the vehicles we buy today. Major producers continue to work on this issue. We will see that the future will be dominated by hybrid vehicles powered by LPG ”.


Emphasizing the interest of climate change was responsible for global disaster BRC Turkey CEO Kadir Knitter, "increasing number of scientific studies that associated with climate change, global catastrophe, climate change and led us to take vision and our step dangers posed. As BRC, we set out our net zero emission target in our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report we announced in August. At the heart of our sustainable vision is our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. Primarily, we will further develop our technologies that will encourage environmentally friendly fuels in the short term. In the long run, we are working hard towards our net zero emission target ”.

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