President Vergili: 'TCDD Lands Become a Perfect Garden of Nation'

president-taxed tcdd lands become a perfect national garden
president-taxed tcdd lands become a perfect national garden

The Mayor of Karabük, Rafet Vergili, brought back the very large TCDD Lands located in the middle of Karabük.

The Mayor of Karabük, Rafet Vergili, brought the TCDD Lands, which is a very large area in the middle of Karabük, to the agenda again and said, "The Governor Fuat Gürel and his deputies have expressed this area by the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the National Assembly that has come to life in many parts of the country. They have a project to be evaluated as a garden… ”and expressed the following views.

Vergili said, “The State Railways project has come to a complete standstill. There is a project about making a National Garden here. If this project is to be realized, we, as the Municipality, waive our rights. Governor Bey and Deputies stood on this place and went to Karabük as the People's Garden. kazanIf they do, it will be priceless here.” he said.

“To Karabuk kazanIf they do, it will be priceless here”

“The TC State Railways project is also completely stopped. State Railways will come out of here somehow. I should consider the land of the State Railways as land. The social needs of Karabük will be fully met, and most beautifully, no one can argue why there are no trees in the square. " He attracted attention with his statements.

Karabük Deputies Niyazi Güneş and Cumhur Ünal, who previously informed the Ministry to build a National Garden on the lands of Karabük TCDD, stated that they were working on the subject, and that they were developing projects for TCDD lands on the one hand, and Karabük Square and the urban forest park in 200 houses.

Vergili also, in terms of eliminating the deficiencies in the city structuring, "It would be perfect if the area next to the city square was transferred to the KARDEMİR Governorship and the governorship building was built there. We had the idea that if the courthouse right next to it collapsed, we would build the mosque complex there. There is a courthouse or not. The Governorship building and the Courthouse with a beautiful architecture could be perfect there. It is best for the squares to come alive with institutions that have such functions. " expressed his views.

Source: Karabükgündem

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