Babadağ Becomes the Center of Paragliding Despite Pandemic in 2020

Babadag also became the center of the paraglider despite the pandemic
Babadag also became the center of the paraglider despite the pandemic

Babadağ became the center of paragliding despite the pandemic in 2020. In 2020, 73 thousand 910 people flew paragliding from Babadağ, Fethiye's "window to the world".

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, a total of 2020 thousand 63 people, 164 thousand 10 tandem (double) and 749 thousand 73 singles (single), from Babadağ in 910, paragliding with the unique view of Oludeniz landed on Belcekız Beach.

Vacationers taking off with paragliders from the tracks in Babadağ at an altitude of 1965 have the opportunity to watch the impressive view of Ölüdeniz from a bird's eye view. Considered among the best paragliding centers in the world and hosting many local and foreign tourists who are passionate about adrenaline, Babadağ makes a significant contribution to the economy of the region.

Flights are carried out in accordance with the precautions

Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FTSO) President Osman Çıralı said that Babadağ, one of the leading air sports center in the world, hosts adventure lovers every year.

Stating that Babadağ continues to be the favorite of adventure lovers in 19, despite the closure of international borders for a while due to the new type of coronavirus (Covid-2020) epidemic, Çıralı said, “Despite the epidemic, 73 thousand 910 people from Babadağ flew with paragliding last year. We were happy to host those who want to do paragliding in Babadağ. Despite the epidemic, the measures taken to continue the paragliding sport in 2020 were also effective. " said.

Emphasizing that all flights from Babadağ are carried out in accordance with the precautions to protect pilots and passengers, Çıralı said:

“The fever of our guests going to Babadağ for flight was measured, vehicles and flight equipment were disinfected before each flight, and social distance was meticulously followed on the runways. Our pilots ensured the health of our guests by wearing their masks in the sky. When it comes Babadag paragliding in Turkey in 2021, the first that comes to mind, I believe that we will represent our country successfully as international brands. We invite everyone who wants to do paragliding to Babadağ in the new year. The cable car project, which will allow you to reach Babadağ with a view of Ölüdeniz, will be put into service this year. Babadağ will host approximately 12 million people every year with the Babadağ Ropeway Project, which we started to increase tourism in Fethiye to 1 months. Although the number of flights decreased compared to previous years due to the epidemic that was effective all over the world in 2020, the number of flights will increase with the ropeway to serve in 2021. "

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