Will Eurasia Tunnel Pass Fee Be Increased From 1 February?

Will the Eurasia Tunnel crossing fee be higher from February?
Will the Eurasia Tunnel crossing fee be higher from February?

It is estimated that the Eurasia Tunnel will hike 1 percent as of February 20.8. According to the calculations made on the basis of the contract, the one-way passage fee through the tunnel will be 43.98 TL. The state will pay the company 2020 million TL only for the year 472 due to the vehicle pass guarantee it gives.

In the Eurasia Tunnel, according to the contract signed between the state and the operating company, tolls will be increased on February 1. Work on the rate has been largely completed. According to the news of Olcay Aydilek from Habertürk newspaper Tolls are expected to increase by around 26 percent.

Accordingly, the fee, which is 36 TL 40 kuruş for cars, will increase to 46 TL. It is calculated that the minibus pass, which is 54 TL and 70 kuruş, will increase to 69 TL. (The dollar rate was calculated taking into account 7 TL 41 kuruş.)

The new tariff will be in effect between 1 February 2021 and 31 January 2022.

Sources noted that the company operating the Eurasia Tunnel made its calculations in accordance with the formulas and parameters included in the contract and submitted it to the Ministry of Transport. The Ministry of Transport and the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments are also making the final reviews of the toll.

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