Attention to Painted Parts and Airbag Condition in Vehicle Expertise

Pay attention to painted parts and airbag condition in vehicle expertise
Pay attention to painted parts and airbag condition in vehicle expertise

The halt in zero vehicle production during the coronavirus period caused prices to rise. Prices increasing since mid-2020 have driven thousands of second-hand cars. However, many methods used in used cars, such as reducing mileage, creating painted parts and incorrect damage records, make buyers nervous. In this period of increasing demand for the used car market, experts warn buyers about the irregularities made during the purchase and sale.

Ozan Ayözger, Deputy General Manager of TÜV SÜD D-Expert, emphasized that the expertise service should be taken in order to learn the history and current situation of the vehicle and said that the buyers may suffer due to wrong or incomplete information transfer.

'' Vehicle Should Not Be Taken Without Appraisal ''

Ayözger stated that during the purchases of second-hand vehicles, especially whether the mileage (km) of the vehicle was reduced or not and incorrect damage record information was found in the tests performed during the expertise, they said that they should not buy a vehicle without expertise, and they recommended that the buyers receive expertise service from companies with service competence certificates. expressed.

'' Painted Parts are One of the Common Situations ''

Touching on the issues related to the paint condition of the vehicle, which is one of the most curious issues of the buyers, Ayözger; “Painted parts on vehicles are one of the situations we often encounter. In a vehicle that is offered for sale without paint, we frequently encounter situations such as the case of paint removal in one or more parts or the detection of the parts reported as painted by the seller that they have changed. There may be big differences between the information given by the owner of the vehicle to the person requesting the vehicle and our determinations during our controls. ''

'' Reducing Km Unfortunately, It Is Still One of the Most Used Methods ''

Ayözger said that reducing the kilometer is still one of the most used methods; “Considering that it cannot be detected during the survey, contributing to the vehicle prior to the survey and trying to hide engine failures and trying to sell the vehicle by making minor repairs for situations that may cause serious problems also stand out as other important issues we encounter.

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