Ankaray Expeditions Started After Maintenance and Repair Works

Ankara flights started after maintenance and repair works
Ankara flights started after maintenance and repair works

Maintenance operations in ANKARAY, one of the EGO General Directorate Rail System operations, are carried out regularly by the maintenance teams both in the ANKARAY Warehouse area and on the train line every night after the expeditions. Maintenance operations, which are among the maintenance items of the ANKARAY Plant Line Maintenance Unit, but require the Company to be closed for a long time, have not been carried out on the ANKARAY Line for 1996 years since 25.

Since it was known in advance that the business will be closed for three days on 01-02-03 January 2021, the maintenance to be carried out at this time was carefully planned and preparations were made. After the curfew started on the evening of December 31 and the business was closed to service, the teams came to the area where the work was done and started to work. In the study area, it was aimed to replace the worn and end-of-life 44 sleeper materials carrying the train line, and the materials of two scissor hubs and connection equipment, which were again expired.

It was planned to change and assemble the materials until the opening of the business on Monday, January 04, 2021, but unfortunately some unforeseen problems occurred in the process. While the maintenance-repair works were going on, it was observed that the interiors of the old sleepers, especially pine, were completely rotten. In this case, it is considered that it is risky for our citizens to travel safely if the trains start the voyage before the maintenance and repair work is completed. It has been decided to continue the work since the safety of the citizens comes first for the establishment.

In the meantime, when it was understood that the business could not be opened in the morning during normal departure hours, the bus departure zones were immediately contacted and buses numbered 300 were put into service on the ANKARAY line; In order to prevent our citizens from being victimized, buses were kept ready at AŞTİ and Dikimevi stations at the normal opening time of the business. Passengers arriving at the stations were directed to buses numbered 300 by the security guard personnel.

ANKARAY voyages started to serve after the planned maintenance and repair work was completed and the necessary tests were carried out.

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