Geopark Areas Come to Light in Ankara

Geopark areas in Ankara are rising to the face of the day
Geopark areas in Ankara are rising to the face of the day

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality reveals the areas of the capital with tourism potential one by one. Within the scope of the "Protocol for the Establishment of Geopark Areas in Ankara" signed with the Chamber of Geological Engineers of the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects, studies have been accelerated. Bekir Ödemiş, Head of the Department of Cultural and Natural Heritage, explained one by one at the meeting held on zoom, that the capital has geotourism potential from Beypazarı to Çamlıdere.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out important projects to bring the capital's tourism potential to light and to transfer it to future generations.

With the protocol signed between the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB), the Chamber of Geological Engineers, the works carried out within the scope of the "Project of Determining, Establishing and Developing Geotourism Within Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Borders" continue without slowing down during the pandemic process.

In the meeting held over the zoom regarding the project works of the Department of Cultural and Natural Heritage Bekir Ödemiş; Geological Engineers discussed the geotourism potential of the Baskent with UNESCO representatives and academicians.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to cooperate with public institutions, universities and non-governmental organizations in order to improve the tourism of the capital, signed a protocol with the participation of Mayor Yavaş on 19 February 2020 with the "Project of Determining and Establishing Geopark Areas within the Borders of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Developing Geotourism"

Stating that fish fossils were found in the region extending from Beypazarı to Çamlıdere, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş said in his speech at the protocol signing ceremony, “There is also a fossilized tree on the edge of the cliff in the same area in Beypazarı. The fish fossils I mentioned are on display at the Nurettin Karaoğuz Museum in Beypazarı. Kizilcahamam realized the fossils in the region and started to work on having a geopark there. Everything in our country is our value. We need to benefit from all of them. There is also a great potential for geotourism. At least we should work to raise awareness on these issues, ”he drew attention to the tourism potential of Başkent.


At the meeting held electronically due to the Covid-19 outbreak; President Hussein Area Chamber of Geological Engineers, Geological Heritage Protection Association President (JEMIRKO) and the UNESCO National Commission of Turkey Committee Member Prof. Dr. Nizamettin Kazancı and Prof.Dr. Expert geology engineers and academicians, including Sönmez Sayılı, Yaşar Suludere, Mithat Emre Kıbrıs, Onur Yücel and Özgür Değirmenci, expressed their opinions.

While deciding on the determination, reporting, registration and determination of the geopark areas, the geopark areas will be included in the European Geopark Network and UNESCO Global Geopark network within the framework of UNESCO criteria, and they will be introduced to geotourism.

Stating that they aim to initiate effective geotourism activities within the boundaries of Ankara, to raise and educate the public about tourism activities to be developed and diversified, Bekir Ödemiş, Head of the Department of Cultural and Natural Heritage, shared the following information:

“We know that Ankara has natural resources as rich as cultural historical assets. We want to protect the geological potential and cultural heritage that exist in our city. These areas are fossilized areas in the Kızılcahamam and Çamlıdere basin. It is also known as the stone forest. It is among 3-4 examples in the world. It exists in Libya, Lesbos, America and Madagascar. There are experiences in these areas of ours. Ancient civilizations passed through fossil forests. You can see the fish bones of 15 million years ago. You can see the traces of civilizations with the effect of life. Our priority will be to highlight our cultural richness by including our geopark in the European geopark network and by including it in UNESCO's heritage list.


With the project, by determining the geological heritage formations such as rock assemblages, fossils, minerals, structures, caves or waterfalls, which represent a very important event in the geological history of the world or a certain period of time in Ankara, which are evidence for the long history of the earth, It is aimed to contribute to tourism.

According to the signed protocol, the geosites located in the specified areas in Kızılcahamam and Çamlıdere will be determined and reports will be prepared within the framework of the criteria of the European Geological Protection Agency. Necessary studies will be started for the creation of geoparks that include these determined structures and to include them in the UNESCO Global Geopark network.

Metropolitan Municipality and will be made after this work jmon Ankara, Manisa in the Kula area will have the second geoparks UNESCO Global Geopark, followed by Turkey.



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