Ankara YHT Station Safety Lockers and Parking Fees

ankara yht gari safety lockers and parking fees
ankara yht gari safety lockers and parking fees

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Ankara YHT Station Safety Lockers and Parking Fees: How to get to Ankara YHT Station? How much is the parking fee? Are there safety lockers, how much do they cost? Are there any hotels in Garda? The answers to the questions are in this news…

Ankara YHT Station serves as the main departure point for high speed trains. The station is located in a popular place called Ulus as a district of Altındağ district. Ulus is very close to places where people like Kızılay, especially Sıhhiye, go. It is possible to reach all districts of the province from these areas which are the center of the capital. Ego buses, especially metro and Ankaray, can be preferred for transportation to Ankara railway station.

There are many bus stops around the youth park and it is written on which buses to stop. You can also see the buses approaching from the screen near the stop. There are hotels and various facilities within the newly built YHT station. Generally, the abbreviation ATG (Ankara Train Station) is used for the station. There is a shopping center named ATG AVM in the station.

Ankara YHT Station Parking Prices

  • 0-1 hour: 35
  • 1-2 hour: 55
  • 2-4 hour: 70
  • 4-6 hour: 105
  • 6-12 hour: 120
  • 12-24 hour: 185

It is listed as.

Ankara YHT Station Safety Lockers and Parking Fees

In addition, Ankara YHT station car park offers a 1% discount for the disabled, veterans and martyrs' relatives, provided that it does not exceed 25 day.

Ankara YHT Station Safety Cabinet Fees

Ankara YHT Gari Safety Cabinet Fees

Ankara YHT Station Safety Cabinet Fees

What is in Ankara YHT Station?

There is a Masjid section in ATG. For the masjid, you should go to -1 and follow the signs. The sections designed for the disabled enable these citizens to easily use the station sections. The station offers food and beverage services of famous brands. In the fastfood section; Mr. Doner Iskender, Burger King, Kasap Doner, Mangalkoy, Popeyes and Master Donerci. In the cafe section there are the following brands with drinks and dessert services; Caffe Nero, Cayci, Fokur Cafe, Mado and Starbucks are at your service. Ticket office 1. You can get tickets to this area on the floor and ask the servants. 1. 2. And 3. There are 2 terraces on the floor and there are special areas for smoking in these areas. The floors -3 and -2 are designed as car parks.

ATG offices are located on floor 0. Except for parking floors, there is WC (Toilet) on each floor. On the ground floor, Denizbank branch was opened for its valuable customers. There are ATMs of other banks on the ground floor, and you can take care of your banking business by coming to this area. Ankara YHT station on-site ATMs: ATMs Deniz Bank, Garanti Bank ATMs, Ing Bank ATM, Turkey Business Bank ATM, the ATM Vakıfbank, Ziraat Bank ATM. You can use the Eryaman - Sezenler bus number 542 to reach the Ankara YHT region from Eryaman. It is necessary to make a final reminder; High speed trains stop at the train station behind Eryaman optimum. You can take the trains from this point.


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