Anıl Uzun, To Help the Travelers Youtube'in

Anil Long
Anil Long

Anil Longto discuss how travelers can be helped Youtubewill make a live broadcast in

Said Long, on February 18, will host a live broadcast for the benefit of Turkish travel bloggers and officials will urge people to support the sector.

Anıl Uzun, a travel enthusiast, lives in Antalya and has been keeping a travel blog since 2007. Anıl Uzun has been traveling non-stop for 13 years, trying to find solutions for the difficulties of travel enthusiasts and writers in the pandemic.

Anil Long“The pandemic has created a huge economic depression and the most affected people are artists, musicians and travelers because they cannot continue their profession due to the COVID-19 outbreak, their income models have disappeared. People need a sustainable recovery and development program. " said.

"Arts, creative businesses, and cultural events are the sectors most affected by this ongoing epidemic." Anıl Uzun continues his words. “Cultural events play an important role in the development and welfare of society, and unfortunately those who are busy with these branches do not see the value they deserve, but are left to their fate in times of crisis. "We want people to see how much we are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak," he says.

Anil Long In his live broadcast, he will talk with his invited guests on 18 February at 19:00 on new employment and economic stimulation opportunities for creative sectors.

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