Breakthrough Technology in Anatomy Lesson

Technology that opens the circuit in anatomy lesson
Technology that opens the circuit in anatomy lesson

Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine has implemented a groundbreaking application in online education due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In the application, which is offered to students by making use of all the possibilities of technology, the anatomy lesson on the cadaver is performed synchronously (live) with special camera glasses.

Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine broke new ground in medical education with the application of synchronized anatomy lessons. During this period when fi-jital education is taking place due to the pandemic, anatomy lessons are given with smart glasses.

With the smart glasses produced by Vuzix, students can watch all the applications during the lessons simultaneously from the eyes of their instructors, from anywhere on their screens.

Continuous education in the pandemic

Adopting the concept of fi-jital university with its investments in science and technology, Üsküdar University has taken distance education applications suitable for the Covid-19 pandemic a step further by initiating "anatomy lessons with smart glasses".

Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine Head of Anatomy Department Prof. Dr. Thanks to the smart glasses used by Ahmet Usta in synchronous anatomy lessons, some of the students watch the lesson in a diluted environment both in person and on a giant screen. Some of the students can follow all the details of the lesson through the eyes of their teacher on their home computer with glasses equipped with HD cameras.

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