Akşehir OSB attains Railway Freight Transport

aksehir osb railway is getting freight forwarding
aksehir osb railway is getting freight forwarding

The work carried out in order to ensure that the products produced in the Akşehir Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) reach their buyers quickly and economically have come to an end.

The products produced in Akşehir OIZ will be delivered to the recipient economically and quickly by railway transportation with a loading point to be built in the old station building in Gözpınarı District. 7 Regional Director of the State Railways of the Republic of Turkey Adam Sharp, Gözpinari arrived to Aksehir to see the station in place in the neighborhood. Akşehir Mayor Salih Akkaya, Akşehir OIZ Deputy Chairman and Akşehir Municipality Council Member Çakır Buğra, OIZ Manager Murat Balaman, and Regional Manager Sivri, who made examinations at the old station building, then moved to the Akşehir Organized Industrial Zone.

Providing information about the loading point to be made in Akşehir, Regional Manager Sivri said, “As TCDD 7th Regional Directorate, we continue to work to increase rail freight transportation in the factories and OIZs in our region. We were also working on Akşehir OIZ. There is an annual potential of 200 thousand tons for İzmir Port and Mersin Port. We do not make an extra investment here, we have Gözpınarı Station previously located here. This station is currently closed. Therefore, we want to make the loading route at this station and offer it to Akşehir OIZ. Thus, 200 thousand tons per year will increase even more in the following years, we will increase freight transportation ”.

"I hope the 2021 investment program will start"

Stating that they are on the eve of a good and beneficial job for Akşehir, Mayor Akkaya said, “In the past months, our Chairman of the Board of OIZ, A. Emin Makascı, our Deputy Chairman Çakır Buğra, visited our Regional Director of State Railways in Afyonkarahisar and conveyed such a request. What was this request? Most of the products produced in our organized industry are exported. It was to benefit from rail freight transportation in terms of reducing the transportation cost and delivering the products produced in a shorter time to the buyer. Currently, 200 thousand tons per year, but with the new expansion area of ​​the OIZ, this will increase many times with the second expansion area to be built. Our aim was to activate the old station of the state railways in Gözpınarı Neighborhood, which is right next to the OIZ, as the loading and unloading section. During our visit, Mr. Regional Manager supported us that it would be a very efficient and good project. Thereupon, we visited our General Director of State Railways, accompanied by our local Deputy Orhan Erdem Bey. When they conveyed this project and our request to them, they said, "gladly". Currently, state railways project teams have prepared projects. We made observations on-site with our Regional Manager. Hopefully, the investment program of 2021 will begin. This reinforcement area will be created next to the old station building there. Our products produced in Akşehir OIZ will be transmitted from the station in Gözpınarı to the logistics center established in Konya, from there to be transported to the ports by the railway network and exported abroad in a more economical and short time. I would like to thank our technical team and regional manager who contributed to the project. Good luck for our industrialists from Akşehir, ”he said.

"We continue our work rapidly in the second expansion area"

Akşehir OSB Deputy Chairman and Akşehir Municipality Council Member Çakır Buğra stated that they think that this loading point to be built by the State Railways will be very effective in the development of the Akşehir Organized Industrial Zone and said, “We have finished the first of the expansion area of ​​our Organized Industrial Zone. We are continuing our work rapidly in the second expansion area. We think that this rail freight transportation is a really important factor for the economy of our region and Akşehir. For this reason, we thank our Regional Manager for the importance he places here. God willing, good luck for our Akşehir "he said.

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