Overpass Work Continues on Akçaray Line

Overpass works on the Akcaray line
Overpass works on the Akcaray line

Works are continuing feverishly at the Congress Center Tram Stop, built by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, and the pedestrian overpass that will provide access to Kocaeli International Congress Center. The overpass, built next to the Seka Park Science Center stop of the Akçaray Tram Line, was completed and put into service in recent weeks. Work is being carried out rapidly on the overpass, which will facilitate the passage of the citizens getting off the tram to the Kocaeli International Congress Center.


On the overpass, where steel beams are installed, the exterior of the elevators is made. There are 65 elevators for the use of disabled citizens over the age of 2. Manufactures of handrails and stairs to be used in the overpass continue. With the completion of the 63,40 meters long 3,35 meters wide overpass, the citizens getting off the tram will be able to reach Kocaeli International Congress Center safely.


In the pedestrian overpass, which is under construction between the Sekapark 2nd stage and the Eğitim Campus Tram Stop, the foundation concrete on the Sekapark side was laid. The foundation concrete will be laid on the side of the tram stop. Beam assemblies will be made at a date deemed appropriate by TCDD, since the overpass, where the railings and elevator tower installation will be made in the coming days, passes over the high-speed train line.

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