Alibeyhüyüğü Junction, whose name is mentioned with traffic accidents, has received signalization

Alibeyhuyugu Intersection Caught With Ordinary Traffic Accidents Has Got Signalization
Alibeyhuyugu Intersection Caught With Ordinary Traffic Accidents Has Got Signalization

In Çumra, signaling works started at Alibeyhüyüğü intersection, which is known for traffic accidents.

Due to the loss of life due to frequent accidents at Alibeyhüyüğü intersection, there was a heavy demand for the construction of traffic lighting at this point from the residents of the neighborhood living in Alibeyhüyüğü neighborhood of Çumra district. The initiatives of Çumra Mayor Recep Candan and Çumra District Governor Hüseyin Ece with the General Directorate of Highways and Konya Metropolitan Municipality have yielded results and signalization studies have started.

Along with the Alibeyhüyüğü District, citizens in the surrounding neighborhoods experienced great joy due to the signaling system to be established.

Making statements on the subject, Mayor of Cumra, Recep Candan, expressed that this service is of vital importance and thanked the authorities who were sensitive to this issue. President Candan said; “This intersection is a point where the traffic flow is quite intense because it connects Konya - Karaman road and is located on the commercial road axis. It was a vital need to carry out signaling work here due to the casualties we experienced in traffic accidents at the Alibeyhüyüğü crossroad. We conveyed the intense requests from our fellow townsmen from Alibeyhüyüğü District on the subject to our Konya Metropolitan Municipality and the General Directorate of Highways.

A decision was made regarding the traffic lighting works at Alibeyhüyüğü Junction and the work started. I hope no accidents happen after that.

On behalf of myself and Çumra, I would like to thank our 3. Regional Director of Highways, Mr. İbrahim YAŞAR, and our Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Mr. Uğur İbrahim Altay, for their contribution to our district with the signaling work carried out to increase the traffic safety of this point. " used the expressions.

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