Abdi İbrahim Will Provide Job Opportunities for 200 People

abdi ibrahim received a permit for the production of covid vaccine

Abdi İbrahim, the leader of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, continues its multifaceted contribution to the Turkish economy with a new employment package. Abdi İbrahim is adding 200 more people to its medical promotion representative team and marketing staff, which is its biggest strength in the field. Hakan Onel, Assistant General Manager of Human Resources of Abdi İbrahim, said, "To continue our performance and growth plans and to introduce new 'Healing Faces' to our company. kazanWe will employ approximately 200 people to We believe that investing in youth is an investment in Turkey's future. We see production and employment as a responsibility towards the industry and our country under the current pandemic conditions," he said.

Abdi İbrahim, which has been operating in the Turkish pharmaceutical sector for 109 years and has been the market leader for 19 years, has started the recruitment process for new graduates for field and marketing staff. Within the framework of its 2025 vision and strategy, the company aims to maintain its performance and growth plans consistently, and within this framework, it will employ approximately 200 people within the scope of the Medical Promotion Representative and Path for Marketing Talent (PMT) recruitment programs that prioritize new graduates who want to start their career well.

Job opportunities for 200 people during the pandemic process

Underlining that they created new job opportunities for approximately 200 people in a period when employment opportunities were shrinking due to the pandemic effect, Abdi İbrahim Deputy General Manager of Human Resources Hakan Onel said, “The courage, passion and responsibility that describe Abdi İbrahim are our indispensable values ​​that enlighten our way in any conjuncture. We see investment, production and employment not only as priorities that will grow our business, but as a responsibility to our country and the sector. Our new recruitment program is a new and powerful reflection of this approach. Employment opportunities created by the drug in Turkey and we will continue to be referred to hereinafter as investments supporting the claim of being a regional power, "he said.

"We continue to improve life"

Hakan Onel, recalling that one of the priority issues of youth employment in Turkey, said: "Our human resources policy youth holds a very important place. We believe that investment is investment in the future of Turkey and our young people for young people at the beginning of the business life with our new recruitment package we opens the door to a brilliant career. 73 percent of Abdi İbrahim employees are Y generation members. Thanks to their young and dynamic structure, we maintain our leadership as a well-established but forward-looking company. We firmly believe that the new friends who will join us will quickly adapt to the corporate structure of our company and contribute greatly to the vision of Abdi İbrahim with their energy and performances. Abdi Ibrahim's 19 years of market leadership in working to improve life in every corner of Turkey, a very large share of our field team of more than 2 thousand. We are excited to add 200 more friends to the Abdi İbrahim family as a result of the 'Healing Faces' recruitment process. As Abdi İbrahim, we continue to improve life by standing by our country during the pandemic process. "

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