Why Do Skin Spots Occur During Pregnancy?

Why Do Skin Stains Occur During Pregnancy?
Why Do Skin Stains Occur During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a fascinating process. However, many changes occur in the life of expectant mothers. So much so that emotions change, physical characteristics change, life changes with a small guest.

Along with the pregnancy process, various health problems and many aesthetic problems begin to manifest themselves. Skin spots that come with pregnancy are among the most annoying problems of this period. Avrasya Hospital Dermatology Specialist Dr. Hatice Deniz Aidtells what should be known about skin blemishes during pregnancy.

Hormones secreted during pregnancy trigger skin blemishes

Skin spots are a common problem during pregnancy. The main reason for this is estrogen and progesterone hormones secreted during pregnancy. Blemishes can be seen on the skin as it increases its sensitivity to ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. The most common spots on the cheeks, upper lip and forehead in the face area can occur on the outer surface of the chest, neck and arms, as well as the face. Spots that are not exposed to sunlight appear darkly and generally disappear after pregnancy.

Light-skinned mothers are under the risk group

Although it is more common in brunette women who are more prone to blemish formation, the light skin makes the skin more vulnerable to the effects of the sun. When this is added to the sensitivity of pregnancy, pregnant women with light skin become clear targets for pregnancy spots. Moreover, daylight can increase pigmentation on the skin and cause permanent pregnancy spots. In addition to being light skinned;

  • Genetic structure of the person,
  • Nutrition habits,
  • Using birth control pills for a long time before pregnancy,
  • Factors such as prolonged sun exposure play a role in the formation of skin spots during pregnancy.

Do pregnancy spots go away after birth?

Light or brown spots that occur with pregnancy increase in the second trimester of pregnancy. Spots that become more prominent in the last three months can find their place in any part of the body. These spots can often disappear spontaneously after birth. However, it can become permanent in people who have risk factors and are vulnerable to the sun.

Not going to the sun is not the solution ...

It is not the right way for pregnant women to stay out of the sun to prevent skin spots. Because not going to the sun during pregnancy affects the development of the baby negatively. A pregnant woman should benefit from the sun for at least 20 minutes each day and take vitamin D, which is necessary for her body. However, if it prepares the appropriate conditions and takes precautions while going out to the sun, it can minimize the risk of skin spot formation.

You can wait for the end of pregnancy for spot treatment

It is not recommended to treat skin spots, which are the common problem of almost every pregnant woman, during pregnancy. The main reason for this is that most spots will disappear spontaneously after pregnancy. For permanent spots, a specialist dermatologist should be consulted after pregnancy.

What are the treatment methods?

Natural methods are preferred in the first months of pregnancy for the spots that develop due to many factors as well as hormonal changes. Especially in the puerperium period, natural products with herbal content such as vitamin C and phytic acid are preferred. Stain creams are among another preferred method. Treatment methods that can be applied in case the stains do not go away despite the creams;

  • Laser therapy,
  • Chemical peeling,
  • PRP treatment,
  • Stain is mesotherapy.

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