Where is the world's most expensive Öresund Bridge, how much is the toll?

Where is the most expensive bridge in the world?
Where is the most expensive bridge in the world?

The Öresund Bridge is a combined bridge in the Öresund Strait between Sweden and Denmark, with a two-lane railway and a four-lane highway. The bridge is the largest combined bridge in Europe with both rail and road transport and connects the two metropolitan areas of the Öresund Region, Denmark's capital Copenhagen and Sweden's important cities, Malmö. The European Union's international road E20 is connected to the tunnel by a two-lane highway in the middle of the sea, like the Oresund Railway. Öresund is the largest transboundary bridge in the world and also the largest privately built and operated bridge.

Name of Öresund Bridge

The bridge is usually named as Øresundsbroen in Denmark and Öresundsbron in Sweden. The company that built and operates the bridge insists that the name of the bridge is Øresundsbron, which was created by combining discourse in both languages. The aim of this is to create a common cultural Öresund identity for the residents of the Öresund Region since the bridge was built. As the structure actually consists of a bridge and a tunnel, it is sometimes technically referred to as the Öresund Line or the Öresund Connection in Europe.

The Öresund Bridge System Features 

Öresund Bridge is one of the largest of its kind. Its largest mast is 204 meters above ground. The total length of the bridge is 7845 meters, which is approximately half the distance between Sweden and Denmark. There is a four-lane highway in the upper part of the two-storey bridge and a two-lane railway line in the lower part. The height of the bridge from the sea is 57 meters, but the bridge ends at half of the strait and joins with the tunnel under the sea. Sea transportation is carried out comfortably in the remaining open section. The bridge was designed by Arup Mühendislik, originating in England.

The Route of the Öresund Bridge

The Öresund Bridge starts from Malmö, Sweden. The bridge ends in the middle of the Öresund Strait, on an artificial island called Peberholm, where it joins with a tunnel that runs under the sea. The bridge, with one leg in Sweden, has no pillars in Denmark's main territory. Therefore, this artificial island where the bridge ends officially belongs to Sweden. The length of Peberholm Island is more than 4 kilometers and its width is several hundred meters. There is no settlement on the island.

The line that connects the end of the Öresund Bridge on Peberholm Island and Denmark's closest settlement is called the Drodgen Tunnel. This tunnel is 4.050 meters long. 3.150 meters of it was built under the sea. The reason for building a tunnel instead of extending the Öresund Bridge is because this area is very close to Copenhagen Airport.

Öresund Bridge Fee Schedule

One Way Pass Fee (€)        Ticket (at the box office)       Online Ticket
Cars (max 6m)              54 €           49 €
Automobile (max 6m) With trailer / caravan (max 15m)


Minibus 6-9m

             108 €           98 €
Automobile with Trailer or Caravan> 15m

Camper> 10m

Camper> 6m with Trailer, Minibus> 9 m

             202 €           186 €
Motorcycle              29 €            27 €

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