When Will Face-to-Face Training Begin?

When will face-to-face training begin
When will face-to-face training begin

📩 18/01/2021 16:33

The Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk said, "What's going on?" As guests of the program, journalists Hakan Çelik and Göksu Öngören answered Özgür's questions on the agenda. Regarding the resumption of face-to-face education, Minister Selçuk said, “We have already made a policy decision on opening schools on February 15th. We also have past experiences of how this will happen. It's like splitting two days into two days or gradually opening it up at certain grade levels… We have very different scenarios, what we do and what we don't. ” said.

"What is happening?" Minister of National Education, Ziya Selçuk, who was a guest of the program, asked whether face-to-face training will start as of February 15, "In the beginning, 'Open it." or 'Don't open.' There was an intense debate like, but right now, "Open it." There is a serious expectation at the point. The main place we look at is; The Ministry of Health, the Scientific Committee is linked to the decisions of the cabinet under the leadership of our President. In principle, we attach great importance to the opening of the school. When we look at countries all over the world, how long have other countries kept open? Including countries with similar epidemic processes… How long did we keep it open? When we made a comparison, we actually went very controlled. The process of our schools being open is much less. We have already made a policy decision about opening schools on February 15th. We also have past experiences of how this will happen. It's like splitting two days into two days, or opening up gradually at certain grade levels. We have very different scenarios, what we do and what we don't. " gave the answer.

Stating that they presented a table without risking the health of teachers and students, Selçuk said that they will make decisions about where the education will start and where it will stop.

Selçuk noted that a clear table will appear 15 weeks before the date on which classes will be opened for February 2.

Providing information on how to implement face-to-face training, Selçuk said: “The decision regarding this is if the attitude of the Scientific Committee in terms of the course of the epidemic, 'All classes can be opened at the same time.' However, when we look at the world, we see that it is not yet possible for all classes to go to school full time every day, so what other scenario did we have? There were two days and two days, there were grade levels. Certain classes at these grade levels, and when we look at the literature, we see that the risk is less at younger ages in the world. If he has other illnesses related to other health factors, his chronic illnesses also depend on him, but the picture we still see is this: We had classes that never opened. These classes are 7th and 10th grades… We actually keep them in our attention area as a priority. We keep young ages in our attention. We keep especially the internships and practices of vocational high school students in attention. We also have children in the exam group, they want to work face to face with their teachers, albeit for a short time. We have some scenarios about them. Depending on the course of the epidemic, we will share which of these will come to life about 10 days ago, depending on the talks we will make with the Scientific Committee. "

Regarding the issue of “optionalness” in the previous practice, in case face-to-face training starts on February 15, Selçuk said, “Of course, such a process can be entered. Because we are not talking about an event that can be completely controlled. For this reason, it would not be right to consider some families with some health problems, patients with chronic diseases at home and their children in the same pot. " said.

The Minister of National Education Selçuk said that after the healthcare workers, the educators will be vaccinated and that this calendar is also positive for them.

Exams and reports

Making evaluations about the preparation process of exams and report cards, Selçuk said: “We will not conduct face-to-face exams in primary and secondary schools. Actually we planned to do it. We also applied this exam to 40 percent of our students. However, while the remaining 60 percent were going to take the full exam, the schools were closed again. Then we announced it on December 25th. "Our primary and secondary schools will receive their report cards digitally, even if you take the exam." we said. "Our high school students will do their exams after February 15th." we said. We recently brought up a small detail. Some of our parents rightly said, 'Our children took the exam. They took their notes. Those who could not take the exam got points on issues such as opinion grade, participation score, performance and project. These scores are not the same. My child also get points from performance. ' said. very rightly. We also offered options. Otherwise, there is no other change. Only parents who wish can make an opinion for their own children, whether they get points in the exam or not. Such an option… "

Stating that primary and secondary school levels emphasize the pedagogical development of children, Selçuk said that academic progress occurs mostly in high schools.

Pointing out that it is not correct to compare primary school students with high school students, Selçuk said, “High school students take the exam in terms of their comfort in the next year… Let's say we have a 9th grade student and if we do not consider the second term as last year, 'You are only responsible for the first term.' If we say, then the education and training process of the next year will be weak. 10's have trouble in 11's, 11's have trouble in 12's and 12's have trouble in university mathematics. For example, imagine that you did not take derivative and integral in the second term, university mathematics will be in trouble. Not choosing a way to increase the learning losses even more… We have an Education Science Board. In the interviews with them, the decision was made, 'It is critical in terms of controlling the losses of the next 5-6 years that this is not done as an exam in primary and secondary schools, but as an exam in high schools. We tested this decision in the field. " he spoke.

Selçuk reminded that students' "responsibility for the whole curriculum" situation is valid in central exams.

Making digital education accessible to all citizens across the country

Reminding that the ministry has published a 1000-page magazine, Selçuk said that there are many studies in the magazine with the theme of 'epidemic and education'. Stating that they want data from the field, Selçuk stated that citizens can also access this publication.

Noting that they make decisions based on data, Selçuk continued as follows: “We care about this kind of research. That the people of Sciences conducts research and education on the epidemic all over Turkey ... We remove content invitation. We said that we support new research. After that, there was more research than we wanted. We selected and created this magazine. As a teacher, I have a perfectionist side. I am never satisfied. Better, better… Every country has an education portal. There are especially big countries. I do not find it sufficient for our EBA to be the first in the world. We need to increase 3 million live lessons to 4,5 million. After the epidemic is over, we need a training program that we can use for all our people. 'Like, watch, get your certificate; collect your certificates, turn them into accreditation; complete the accreditation convert the diploma .. 'as considering Turkey's skills shortage in vocational education training we çalışmasınd the creation of such a platform. "

Selcuk, in his speech in the digital education resources instead of giving information about Turkey in the world, the course and the assessment found about clicks rates.

Minister Selçuk stated that she is aware that mothers have great difficulty in the distance education process and said, “This is a historical task. This contribution, this effort they make for their country, their families, their children is so sacred… Now I want to take this fatigue away. " said.

"Have the teachers achieved the expected success in distance education?" Minister Selçuk stated that distance education is more difficult and difficult than face-to-face education.

Stating that distance education is also difficult for the teachers and the families of the children, Minister Selçuk said that since they are aware of this, they know that the effort shown by the teachers is much more than face-to-face education, so he is grateful to all his colleagues.

Stating that distance education has a positive side for teachers, Selçuk stated that the presence of the epidemic has caused the digital skills of teachers to rise very suddenly.

Stating that 30 thousand teachers were receiving in-service training face-to-face in the past, nowadays this number has exceeded 800 thousand, Minister Selçuk said, “From the point of view of teachers, they do not have difficulty in training the subjects, but in the management of this process with children, the involvement of families in the issue, the issue of participating in live lessons, they waste energy. Otherwise, I do not think that the subjects will not catch up. " said.

Selçuk stated that they have artificial intelligence-supported software, which they call "academic support software" especially for high school students, and that this software reveals children's individual interests, wishes, expectations and preferences; He said that if a student cannot know a question, artificial intelligence understands why that student does not know that question, that he understood that he was short on the third subject in physics last year and brought that subject to the screen.

Stating that high school students received their messages about exams, Selçuk said, “Our problem is that our children should be well educated in the long and medium term and there are no gaps that we cannot cover. Otherwise, we will never do anything in terms of our children being forced or troubled. To be sure, our approach to this is all about not increasing their education gaps and not getting into trouble for the next years of education. said.

"We do not have any measures regarding public transportation right now"

Minister of Selcuk, "Pandemic process, is providing a serious contribution to the digitization of Turkey?" In response to the question, “A compulsory direction, a process has occurred globally. It was extremely critical for our students to take some of their lessons remotely, spend a part of their school life in workshops, engage in sports and arts, engage in automation and robotics, and we are heading here. " gave the answer.

"When schools are opened gradually, is there a study about the transportation of students?" Minister Selçuk reminded that the children using the shuttle service are predominant and that the Ministry of National Education provides the transportation vehicle in bussed education.

Stating that the measures they take in this sense are about what the standard of each service should be, that each bus driver should be followed with the HES code, and how the communication within the school should be about each service, Selçuk said that they do not have any precautions regarding public transportation at the moment.

Minister Selçuk stated that, upon the question asked by high school students from social media, they will be responsible for the matters until 20 November 2020 in the first term exams.

"The Ministry of National Education is an organization that attacks its own data as a pilot project"

Providing information about the ministry's work in this field on the question about cyber security, Minister Selçuk said: “In 2019, we launched the Cyber ​​Security Portal. What does cyber security mean for each teacher, student and parent, how will they ensure this security in their own work and transactions, QR code applications for data security, differentiation of verification criteria, ensuring security in comparison with the data of different institutions of the state on different issues, our children's data is stolen in any way. If there is a cyber attack on us, the relevant institutions of the state intervene before us. We also have different walls on this. By law, we have a process that depends on automation. We have some software and infrastructure to prevent any information of our children or parents from being stolen or to prevent their unauthorized access. The Ministry of National Education is an organization that attacks its own data as a pilot project. For testing purposes. We ask for support from some institutions to try to access our data. "

"It is necessary to understand the difficult situation of families"

“Organizations such as WHO and UNICEF have published reports stating that closing primary schools is a last resort. France closed it for a very short time. Isn't there anyone in Europe who is as closed as we do? " Minister Selçuk stated that the health experts of the countries may have different opinions, and in some countries there are official documents stating that it is unnecessary to close primary and secondary schools.

Stating that if there are children with asthma or other problems, this risk bears for them, Selçuk said, “In general, the risk of being a carrier of young children is started to be emphasized. That is why we open primary school at an early age and keep pre-school open all the time, but this is beyond just being a health problem. It is necessary to understand the difficult situation of families. Of course, we consider the relationship of this with the economy and its connection with other sectors as a whole, but in terms of education, we think the same as in other countries in terms of keeping their younger classes more open. " he spoke.

"Our definitely approach is to open schools"

Stating that his attitude from the very beginning was to keep the schools open within the framework of discussions both against the public and in the cabinet, Selçuk said: “Our line is where our teachers' health is at risk. Our line is where are the places that turn red in the table we watch our children daily, where are the places that are green, and there is no problem in keeping these classes open by looking at this, let's open them, the table shows this, our attitude has always been in this direction.

I am especially aware that mothers have great difficulty. This is a historic mission. This contribution, this labor for their children for their country, for their families, is so sacred. Now, I want to take this fatigue away. As teachers, let's take this, we should take it and let the parents breathe a little by keeping the schools open. We understood that the school was an educational home rather than a place of education. We realized much better what kind of process our teachers actually manage. Our definitely approach is to open schools. "

“Digital diet” recommendation for children

Minister Selçuk told students about how to evaluate the half-year holiday, “I want our children to move away from digital a little bit from the digital and start working in the sense of digital diet. This is my expectation from parents as well. We prepared booklets as an answer to 'What should we do?' A booklet with suggestions for primary, secondary and high school students every day. We will reach this towards the end of next week. " said.

On the question regarding the education of families with children in refugee status in Turkey Selcuk Minister, in this sense that 1 million children of school age, said that up to 720 thousand okullaştır thereof.

Stating that they have national and international projects regarding these children, Selçuk stated that they are working on each of these children to learn Turkish and to expand their opportunities in schools.

Selcuk, this child be shared with the curriculum of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish children start school and after learning that they worked in the elimination of missing the point they told us.

Scorecards will be digital

Minister Selçuk asked the question of how the report card will be distributed, “They will receive their scorecards online, digitally. I wish we could go arm in arm and experience the excitement of the report card, but I hope those days will come. Regardless, I can say that I care about children getting report cards. Even if it is digital, they can see it. " answered in the form.

"What is the biggest fundamental problem you see in our education system?" Minister Selçuk replied as follows: “Actually, we saw it as the biggest solution, not the biggest problem, and this opinion is still continuing. Turkey's progress as he lived in a large mass education. Since the beginning of our Republic as you look at it statistically improves step by step process of Turkey.

During the AK Party period, a serious attack occurred in terms of the number of classrooms and infrastructure. Around 700 thousand new teachers came to us. While our education investments are flowing towards making schools and other issues in this way, we see the following in many countries: Their schools are completed, their population is not increasing, they do not have any other needs, and they have turned towards soft investments in education investments. We have a few shortcomings regarding basic needs. We are trying to make up this deficiency. If there is a large difference in opportunities between schools, an exam-based education system will be established in that country. In the system where the facilities of schools are close to each other, a base is formed and quality begins to be discussed above that base. "

Turkey is no longer interested in quality education, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the quality of teaching Selcuk stating that the issue of increasing talk of international quality, "Why Turkey last year, this year in TIMSS, PISA lived jump in? It was the first time it exceeded the OECD average. It is in the top three in terms of level of increase among participating countries. In PISA science in Turkey rose to 54 as 39 ordinary. He increased from 50 to 42 in mathematics. In TIMMS, it rose from 4th to 36rd in the 23th grade in mathematics, from 35 to 19th in science, from 8 to 24th in the 20th grade in mathematics, and from 21 to 15th in science. He spoke.

on Turkey's education is in a quest since the Tanzimat period and voicing continue to do so in Selcuk, training in question is not the model to get any country, each country should produce its own original model, Turkey is also in this sense, 2018 2023 Vision Document and that they implemented it step by step.

Reminding that he made a social media announcement about open education recently, Selçuk said: “There were exams to be done on 5-6 December 2020, and we did not want to take a risk at that time, we postponed them. On February 25, we will hold the exams of the first semester online. There will be second semester exams on March 25 and third semester exams in the future. All of these will be online. Third term exams will be online in our e-exam halls. We have now established our own e-test centers within the framework of international security standards. Here, our children can take exams safely. Approximately 1 million 75 thousand students take these exams. In this, we have students from different groups related to secondary schools, vocational high schools, imam hatip high schools or general Anatolian high schools and open education high schools.

"Has the distance education process increased the demand for open education high schools?" Selçuk said, “In fact, after 4 + 4 + 4, there was a partial increase in the high school part related to open education. There has been a shift from very different high schools to open education, but of course we are not talking about a very dramatic increase. " said.

Minister Selçuk said that it is time for open education to transform structurally, from the situation where only the book is prepared and face-to-face exams are taken several times a year, they are moving towards an open education that can benefit from the content of EBA and televisions and receive digital support.

Asked about the students' choice of profession and vocational high schools, Selçuk said, “If one or two things will remain in mind after leaving this job as Ziya Hoca, one will be vocational high schools. Because when I am in high school, it is very important for our young people to see some horizons about employment, to get some prior education and to participate in production. The number of students who applied to vocational high schools voluntarily increased by 1 percent this year. This is a really big increase and for the first time, vocational high schools have started to accept students from the 2 percent. Like the high school of the defense industry, the electric car we have just opened or many other high schools… We need to make some choices and choices about professions starting from high school, not to keep all our students waiting until the university, but this must be real. Somehow it is not enough to name a vocational high school, it has to meet the need. " he spoke.

"Design Skill Workshops are the medicine of holistic education"

Minister of National Education Selçuk stated that children receive education on paper and pencil and continued as follows: “However, due to the nature of human beings, an emotional, intellectual and physical education is required. The Design Skill Shops are just the remedy for that. Before school, children should see the drama, art, and robotics workshop, somehow interested in chess or something else. We have now opened around 10 thousand workshops in primary school, middle school and high school, this should be around 100 thousand at least. Every student will experience thousands of times in pre-school, primary, secondary and high school. He will see concretely which job and profession he is suitable for. We see this in design skill workshops. For him, the number is growing very quickly, but we have a long way to go. Our teachers receive certificates to be able to provide workshop training. There is a certificate called the 'Storytelling Certificate'. I think Turkish tales and Anatolian tales are very important. That's why we produced hundreds of books and videos. 100 thousands of our teachers are getting training on automation, robotics, drama and so on. "

85 per cent of vocational training institutions in Germany, while about 5 percent of Turkey noted that the private sector Selcuk, the more contribution of the private sector in this regard and especially emphasized the need for the promotion of vocational training centers.

Selçuk explained the following about their work in music education: “We are preparing a video library that shows how the curriculum will be processed in a qualified way, it is about to be completed, maybe within a month. In addition, a digital keyboard for children can be used from a cell phone or from other places. We have such a study that we can use for musical education, and it is about to be completed. As a result, we need to give children a concrete application environment and develop their experiences. We have problems with the teaching programs here, but we do not have serious problems, we have problems in practice. In order to overcome those problems, it has been continuing for 1 years to increase the quality of music education with experts and academics from various universities. We also design a special instrument for this. We never explained that. According to the age groups of these children, an instrument suitable for their own physical structures and taking into account our own vocal repertoire was completed as a pilot study, and the tests are currently being conducted.

"We share the minute teacher appointments are completed"

When asked about the expectations about teacher appointments, Selçuk said that in the last 5-6 years, the appointments were announced on different dates, the Ministry did not have to make decisions on this issue alone, and that this was a matter related to general financial policies and budget discipline.

Minister of National Education Selçuk said, “Our works and meetings with the institutions and organizations related to teacher appointments and the Ministry of Finance continue. We will share it anyway, not the day it results, but the minute it results. " said.

Reminding that they recruited 2020 thousand teachers in 41 and around 2019 thousand in 40, Selçuk said, “If we pay attention, the Ministry of National Education always receives the most of the public staff. Again, it would be in Turkey has a customs but must be attached to a decision within the overall budget would be what it is. "How much staff will be given to which ministry?" this needs to be determined in the cabinet and a general explanation should be made as a result of this determination. It will also be clear here whether there will be a double or single assignment. Appointments are a subject we have been working on for a long time… Of course, I would like to find a solution soon. Our friends expect this assignment to be high. Our effort is in the following direction: We are doing the necessary studies and preparations to appoint more teachers. " used the expressions.

"Is it possible for interviews to be held in every province in case of epidemic conditions or in winter?" Selçuk stated that how the interviews will be conducted depends on the situation of the epidemic, they will look at the risk of the interviews that they can make in a controlled manner at certain periods, they will not hesitate to do this face to face and that they can postpone it according to the situation.

"We follow private school fees"

Minister Selçuk, "Will private schools and special education courses be opened depending on the parents' request?" To the question, "It is within our aims to continue efforts to open all of these schools at the first opportunity." he answered.

Referring to private school fees, Selçuk said, “Schools take their own measures in this sense. We have taken measures regarding VAT. As a result of this measure, there was a reduction in VAT. Private schools are also in contact with their parents. We follow them from school to school. 'At which school, how much discount has been made, what measures have been taken?' we have a list. It should not be forgotten. The activity of the teacher in a private school continues hour by hour. There is no major change in the school's budget as his duties continue. There are unspent budgets on some food service issues. Private schools take their own measures by taking these into account. Both KDV reductions in both wages least once a month and once we do interviews with representatives of various associations in Turkey. Impressions on the field are acquired. According to him, we are trying to make these decisions together with the association representatives. "

Reminding of the flag ceremony held last week, Selçuk stated that the Turkish National Anthem has a very important place in the life of a child and a citizen of this country, and underlined that they care for children to feel this, live from the balconies of the houses, and participate in the Turkish National Anthem, which is sung from the loudspeakers of the schools.

Earthquake preparation of schools

Minister of National Education Selçuk, "How many of the schools are ready for an earthquake?" He explained that they were very sensitive on this issue and that they demolished or strengthened all schools that they thought to be above a certain age or risky, in cooperation with universities, private sector and various organizations, starting from schools in the earthquake zone, depending on the condition of the building.

Pointing out that they are accelerating this issue now, Selçuk said, “With the World Bank project, we found an external source for earthquake-related retrofitting works. This resource has also started to be used. In the upcoming period, our main task is to build these schools in cooperation with TOKI and to continue the strengthening works. Our President has instructions on this issue, especially in certain provinces such as Istanbul. We continue to work on making schools related to the earthquake as soon as possible with support from both the national budget and donations. " he spoke.

"Destroyed schools are not allocated to any activity for a different purpose, right?" Selçuk said, “Not in accordance with the legislation. 'Let me use this for different purposes as a ministry.' I can not say something like. It has to be built as a school. " he replied.

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