What to Do After a Traffic Accident

What to do after a traffic accident
What to do after a traffic accident

Hundreds of people around the world face the risk of injury and death due to traffic accidents every year. Traffic accident, which is one of the most loss of property and life, can happen to anyone at any time. Having information about what to do in the event of an accident can help you stay calm.

What To Do At The Moment Of The First Accident

  • When you have a traffic accident, the first thing you need to do is to turn off the ignition even if the vehicle is not running. The accident site and vehicles involved in the accident should be checked quickly and any injuries or fuel leakage should be detected. In case of any injury or loss of life, 112 Emergency Service and 154 Alo Traffic should be called. If a fuel leak is detected, 110 Fire Department must be called.
  • After checking the emergency and vital situations, safety precautions should be taken at the scene of the accident to prevent further accidents. Lighted sign devices or vehicles such as reflectors and reflectors, which must be present in every vehicle, should be placed 30 meters away from the accident if the incident took place in the city, and 100 meters from the accident if it took place outside the city, in accordance with the flow of traffic.

What to Do in Material Damage Accidents

If there is no injury or death in the accident, the accident is classified as a Material Damaged Traffic Accident. In this case, the drivers of the vehicles involved in the accident must fill in the Material Damage Traffic Accident Detection Report among themselves. This report is important for insurance procedures and is filled out separately by the drivers involved in the accident. After the record is written, there must be the signature of the drivers involved in the accident. It is also very important to have photos and video recordings of the traffic accident from various angles.

Among the situations that prevent the accident report from being kept;

  • The driver of the vehicle involved in the accident does not have a license or his driver's license is insufficient for the vehicle he used,
  • The driver involved in the accident is under the age of 18,
  • The driver involved in the accident was drunk or mentally unstable,
  • The vehicle involved in the accident must have an official plate,
  • Damage to public goods such as traffic signs, traffic lights and barriers during an accident,
  • Vehicles involved in the accident do not have traffic insurance,
  • Include death or injury in a traffic accident.

The things to do in cases where the Material Damage Traffic Accident Detection Report cannot be filled are listed below;

  • Without changing the location of the vehicles in the accident scene, the traffic police should be called and an accident report should be obtained. At the same time, a report should be prepared by applying an alcohol test to the drivers of an accident by the traffic police.
  • If the area of ​​the accident is within the borders of the gendarmerie, the nearest gendarmerie station should be informed to the scene of the accident and a witness report should be taken by taking the statements of the drivers.
  • Photocopies of the traffic policy, licenses and driver's licenses of the vehicles involved in the accident should be taken.

What to Do If One of the Involved in the Accident Fled the Scene

One of the people involved in an accident escaping from the scene usually occurs in two ways. The first is that while you are driving in traffic, a driver hits your vehicle and walks away from the scene. The second is that someone may crash into your vehicle while it is parked. In order to complain about both traffic accidents, it makes your job easier to learn the license plate of the vehicle that has hit and run. The penalty for leaving the scene must be written in order for the other party to be punished. You can try to get the license plate by taking pictures of the vehicle that crashed and escaped. If you can learn the plate, you can go to the security units and complain about the driver. If the striking vehicle cannot be detected, you can request compensation for the damage of your vehicle from the insurance.

What to Do After the Accident

After the accident, Material Damage Traffic Accident Detection Report should be sent to the insurance company. The insurance company examines the report and sends it to the Traffic Insurance Information Center (Tramer). Tramer decides who is guilty of how much in a traffic accident, guilt percentages and how much to pay to whom. It conveys its decision to the insurance company and ensures that the drivers make appropriate payments. Insurance companies may appeal the decision made by Tramer. In this case, a committee is formed within Tramer and the accident is re-examined and the board makes the final decision about the accident. The final decision made cannot be changed and the insurance company must make the specified payment to the driver.

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