What Problems Does Specific Learning Difficulty Cause?

busy learning is not laziness or reluctance
busy learning is not laziness or reluctance

The specific learning difficulty that can be diagnosed from the first grade of primary school can affect the academic success and future of the child. Emphasizing that specific learning disability is not a situation of unwillingness and rejection in the hands of the child, experts state that accusing approaches to the child should be avoided. Pointing out the importance of early intervention in specific learning difficulties, experts point out that treatment should not be disrupted.

Üsküdar University NP Feneryolu Medical Center Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Specialist Asst. Assoc. Dr. Neriman Kilit shared important information on specific learning disability.

Specific learning disability is a disorder

Stating that specific learning disability should be considered as a discomfort by the parents, Assist. Assoc. Dr. Neriman Kilit said, “It is not a situation of reluctance and rejection that the child has. Therefore, it is necessary to intentionally intervene. However, the situation that should not be forgotten at this point is that the child has a normal intelligence. "It is necessary to know that there is nothing the child cannot do if he / she is treated as necessary, carefully assisted and supported."

Adopt neither accusatory nor accepting style

Noting that families should have a balanced and average approach, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Neriman Kilit said, "The child should not be approached excessively accusingly with sentences such as 'You do not do it because you want to, you do it if you want', 'You do not do it because you are lazy, it happens because you do not give the necessary attention and care'. Extremely accepting approach such as 'My child does not work at all, this is already a discomfort, he learns slowly even if his grades are low' is also not correct, it is necessary to approach with a more occasional attitude. "It can be said that this condition is a treatable disorder, and the child should be willing, make an effort, and work harder until a certain point is reached," he said.

Being diagnosed in the first grade of primary school

Stating that specific learning disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Neriman Kilit said that neurodevelopmental disorders are disorders that arise from structural and functional differences in the brain and are usually more or less permanent throughout life.

Emphasizing that specific learning disability is also a polygenic, or congenital disorder, Kilit stated that it is mostly diagnosed in the first or second grade of primary school because it manifests itself with reading and writing difficulties. Asst. Assoc. Dr. Neriman Kilit said, “Specific learning difficulties arise from academic difficulties and children with specific learning difficulties are children of normal intelligence and high intelligence. They do not have very serious problems in other areas, ”he said.

Simple reading and writing difficulties should be considered as a warning

"These children are the children who need to be told more and perhaps in a different way about the lessons and the subjects," Assist said. Assoc. Dr. Neriman Kilit said, “These children should attend their regular schools, but they should also receive special education. Because even though we said that dyslexia is a lifelong disorder, it is extremely possible for these children to reach their target points, to graduate from universities and to become successful people with early diagnosis and early specific learning disability studies. With treatment, it is possible for them to reach their adulthood with more subtle symptoms and achieve certain success in their private and business life. It should not be forgotten that it is beneficial for teachers and parents to make good observations, and to consult an expert when they see reading and writing difficulties that may be incompatible with their intelligence at first.

Dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia can be seen together

Asst. Assoc. Dr. Neriman Kilit stated that with the beginning of reading and writing in the first grade of primary school, these children started to experience reading delay, and stated that these children may not recognize some letters at all, they are very open to spelling mistakes, they are susceptible to confusing letters, and they tend to skip or add syllables while reading or writing. Neriman Kilit said, “In the further process, they are faced with math problems, especially after impact. Because, in general, dyslexia with reading difficulties, dysgraphia with writing difficulties and dyscalculia related to mathematics are very common together. Although it is the most common dyslexia among them, it is actually the most common picture we encounter more or less together, ”he said.

Specific learning difficulties must be treated

Neriman Kilit warned that children with normal intelligence and even higher intelligence may not even learn how to read and write, cannot calculate simple money, cannot organize their daily life if specific learning disability is not treated, and said, "Of course, the low self-esteem caused by this situation and the problems related to the mood. When we think about it, these children cannot get where they deserve, they may develop additional psychiatric disorders. Serious decline in functionality may occur. It is a condition that must be treated, ”he said.

Treatment is necessary for the child's self-esteem

Stating that these children may have normal intelligence or even high intelligence, Assist. Assoc. Dr. Neriman Kilit stated that if not intervened, mood disorders such as anxiety disorders and depression may be experienced in the future. Asst. Assoc. Dr. Neriman Kilit said, “Since such problems may be experienced, it is very necessary to treat them and to support the child's self-confidence. It is very important that special education begins the moment it is caught. He warned that this can lead to school refusal, early school dropouts, and put the child in a situation where they can be diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder.

Absolutely need expert support

Stating that a part of the treatment of specific learning disability is special education, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Neriman Kilit emphasized that special education is not the same as teaching mathematics and Turkish lessons at schools. Asst. Assoc. Dr. Neriman Kilit said, “Special education is the education that will be given by special educators who have the capacity to explain differently and understand differently to children who have the capacity to explain in different ways and have been trained in this direction. Because these children will continue to attend their normal lessons with their friends. Besides, this special education should be offered, ”he said.

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