Vietnamese Vinfast Introduces Its First Electric Models

Vietnam vinfast introduces its first electric models
Vietnam vinfast introduces its first electric models

Despite being a new formation, Vinfast, which has managed to make a name for itself with important steps, opens to a wide market with its first electric models.

Vietnamese, just he spends his last few years with the excitement of the process as Turkey also produce its own cars. The first concrete results of this process shaped through the Vinfast brand were given in 2018. Following the partnership with Pininfarina, the design company preferred by the domestic automobile project TOGG, the brand introduced a sedan and an SUV model. tOGGer design should show a great similarity to the dynamics of Turkey's agenda for a long time, this means that the busy Vinfast, which carries the car began to step out of internal combustion engines to electric now. The official details of the VF31, VF32 and VF33, which also carry the opening key to America and Europe for the brand, remain before us today.

Vinfast wants to make an ambitious breakthrough with the VF series

The brand leaves the internal combustion engine vehicles aside completely and comes up with models with a brand new infrastructure. When we look at the family's entry-level VF31 model, we see that it will be in the compact crossover class. The model, which will include a single electric motor that produces 116 horsepower and 190 Nm of torque and a 42 kW battery pack, is planned to offer a range of around 300 kilometers. VF32 is one of the most trusted names of the brand. The car, which is shown as a rival to models such as Tesla Model Y and Volkswagen ID.4, is expected to have a range-worthy structure that can see 90 kilometers, such as 500 kWh. 400 horsepower is also among those on the table.

The VF33 will try to grab a share of the big SUV trend in the American market. The model, which will be combined with two electric motors and a 106 kWh battery pack, has a range of 550 kilometers. This vehicle will also be the most luxurious model of the family. A giant 15,4-inch screen in the cockpit, panoramic glass roof, LED matrix lighting group and electronic assistant supports that open the doors to third level autonomous driving technology will all be on the flagship. The brand side is preparing to open the order process as of November 2021. First deliveries are expected in the spring of 2022, following pre-orders to be accepted for America, Canada and Europe. It is worth noting that Vinfast, which has opened R&D offices in Germany and America, has read the dynamics of the markets well and is getting ready to come up with an important strategy.

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