Unimaginable Tender from TCDD: Same Job, Same Company Twice

Unimaginable tender from tcdd gave the same work twice to the same company

TCDD, which suffered a loss of more than 10 billion lira in 17 years, gave the work that was not completed two years ago to 144 million liras to the same companies so that they can complete this year. The tender price, on the other hand, exceeded twice this time and was 2 million lira.

According to the news of Bahadır Özgür from Gazete Duvar; “It was announced that the State Railways (TCDD) made a loss of 2019 billion 2 million liras in 546. According to the audit of the Court of Accounts, the institution suffered a loss of 2016 billion 2 million in 516 and 2018 billion 3 million lira in 466. The total loss in the last 10 years reaches 17.3 billion liras. This is not a little money. But such tenders are given that it is not possible for the institution not to harm.

Here, one of those tenders was signed yesterday. A “supply” tender was held on December 3, 4 for the construction of the 16rd and 2020th platforms of the Gebze-Köseköy railway line, and the infrastructure, superstructure and electrification works. If the word "supply" is mentioned in a tender, it means that they are giving an unfinished but paid job to someone again.

The cost of the tender was announced as 345 million 859 thousand 227 liras and the construction period as 600 days. 5 companies submitted bids for the tender. The most favorable offer came from Uğursal Elektrik-Abu Yapı partnership with 323 million 353 thousand 369 liras. And the contract was signed on January 7, 2021. However, a tender was held two years ago for the same works in the same line.

So what happened and the tender was held again?

The subject of the tender held on April 24, 2018 was Gebze-Köseköy Railway 3rd and 4th line platform construction, infrastructure, superstructure and electrification works. The work costing 188 million 667 thousand 736 liras would be completed in 190 days. Uğursal Elektronik-Abu Yapı partnership awarded the tender for 144 million liras. kazanwas. The contract was signed on 24 July 2018.

However, a grave business-related arrival emerged. Signed by Seyhan Avşar from Cumhuriyet newspaper on June 10, 2020 in the newsThe scandal was reported as follows:

“The progress payment numbered 31 was made on 2019 July 8 for the company that won the tender. However, the payment for many manufacturing that was not made was also included in the progress payment. According to the progress payment report, the work in question should have been completed in 190 days, while the company received 405 time extensions. Despite this, 30 million lira was paid for works that were almost never done. "

In other words, TCDD gives a tender of 144 million lira and gives 190 days to the work that was given to 30 million lira two years ago and could not be completed in 323 days, but paid 600 million lira.

TCDD, which contracts the job that is not done exactly to the same company, with a rising price every time, what should it do without damaging it.


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