The Mansion Feature of Üsküdar Şemsi Pasha Mosque Will Be Preserved

The old character of the Uskudar Semsi Pasa Mosque will be preserved
The old character of the Uskudar Semsi Pasa Mosque will be preserved

He canceled the 2015 project, which broke the connection of Üsküdar Şemsi Pasha Mosque with the sea. Instead, in order to maintain the mosque's '' double mosque '' feature, the application of a removable steel cantilever system in the sea direction was started.

On the sea side of the historical Şemsi Paşa Mosque, which is one of the mansion mosques in Istanbul, it was decided by the IMM administration in 2015, and the work was started in 2016 with the approval of the board. Also at that time, cracks were formed in the body walls of the historical mosque and the structure was damaged due to the piles driven into the sea during the construction. The project was halted due to public outcry due to the seafill and damage to the mosque.


Then, in order to save the square from the view of the construction site, revised projects were prepared and the 20-meter sea fill was reduced to 10 meters. This project was approved by the conservation board on January 8, 2020. However, the new IMM administration did not continue this project due to the sea filling and the historical mosque's relationship with the sea.

Instead of this project, IMM started the application of a steel cantilever system that will enable pedestrians to pass the sea safely without filling the sea, while at the same time maintaining the waterfront feature of the mosque.


Thanks to the steel structure that can be disassembled and installed in the sea direction and removed from the building when desired, it is aimed to provide a safe pedestrian passage with only 10 meters of wooden surface, unfilled, which was 2.5 meters in the historical mosque. Thanks to this application, texture integrity is also ensured by not applying heavy and hard floors to the historical texture. In addition, the pile system was not built to fill the sea, preventing the historical mosque from cracking and irreversible damages, as it has experienced before.

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