The Girls' Monastery, whose restoration has been completed, will be opened to tourism this summer

The girls' monastery, whose restoration has been completed, will be open to tourism this summer
The girls' monastery, whose restoration has been completed, will be open to tourism this summer

Girls' Monastery or Panagia Theoskepastos Monastery is an old women's monastery built during the Trabzon Empire.

It is located on the skirts of Boztepe mountain overlooking the city of Trabzon. Built on two terraces, the monastery complex is surrounded by a protective high wall. Monastery III. It was built during the reign of Alexios (1349-1390). After several major repairs, it took its present form in the 19th century. The monastery originally consisted of the rock church on the south side, the chapel at its entrance and a few rooms. Inside the rock church are inscriptions and portraits that mention Alexios III, his wife Theodora and his mother Irene.

The Girls' Monastery, which was destroyed due to indifference over time, started to be restored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in March 2014, while the works cost approximately 2 million TL. While the 6-year-long work was completed in the summer months of the past year, the historical Rock Church and the monastery, where rare frescoes were unearthed, could not be opened to visitors due to the Corona virus epidemic that affected the whole world. The complex, which is built on steep rocks and bordered by the surrounding walls, is also known as the nuns' monastery, and the monastery is planned to be opened for the tourism season this summer.

The most striking part in the monastery is known as the Kaya Church. The existing wall of the Rock Church, which forms the core of the monastery and is thought to have been obtained by shaping a natural cave, was built in the 19th century. While there is a holy spring arising from the water leaking from the rocks in the church, the walls of the church and its barrel-vaulted cover are decorated with frescos. There are prophets, saints, angel depictions and bible scenes on the walls of the church, which usually consists of two layers of murals.

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