The Loss of TCDD Makes Lip Blows! 11,4 Billion

the damage of tcdd is astounding billion
the damage of tcdd is astounding billion

TCDD administration also broke a record loss in state institutions. State Railways of the Republic of Turkey was detected in four years has exceeded 11 billion 174 million pounds. In addition, it was revealed that the institution was damaged by renting 1250 real estates for cookie money.

According to the report of Gökmen Ulu from SÖZCÜ; "The Republic of Turkey State Railways losses endured by day. The institution suffered a loss of 2016 billion 2 thousand liras in 516, 2018 billion 3 million liras in 466, and 2019 billion 2 million liras in 546. Thus, the total damage occurred in the last four years reached 11 billion 177 million TL. With the old money statement, the damage reached 11 quadrillion 447 trillion 447 billion liras.


The TCA report also detailed the damages caused by irregularities on immovables. It was determined that there were significant irregularities in the rental fees, rental periods and rent increase rates of the 250 immovable properties rented by the TCDD management.

According to the reports, it was stated that while the tenders had to be held every year or at the end of the contract, the immovables were given to the same people at a low price for periods of up to 50 years. It was determined that the PPI index was taken as the basis for the increase in rents instead of the CPI, so the institution suffered millions of liras every year.

"Those who did not give HAYDARPAŞA to IMM DRAWED RANTA PEŞKEŞ"

Republican People's Party (CHP) İzmir Deputy and TBMM KİT Commission CHP Group sözcüSü Atila Sertel shared some of the findings reflected in the TCA 2019 report of the TCA.

The famous restaurant, which has been rented for 15 years in Istanbul Historical Haydarpaşa Station, has been operating for 50 years and has received a very low rent compared to its turnover.

Sertel said, "Those who did not give Haydarpaşa Train Station to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which wants to use it for the benefit of the people by opening it to culture and art, have given TCDD's immovables to someone for years."


Speaking about the outstanding business, Sertel said, “It was understood that the restaurant operating in Haydarpaşa Train Station had a revenue of 2019 million TL (9 thousand TL per month) in the first 2,4 months of 266, on the other hand, only 42 thousand 480 TL (monthly It was determined that 4 thousand 720 TL) rental fee was received. TCDD gave this historical place almost for cookie money and did not take steps to increase the rent or to give it to others through a tender. He has rented it to the same company for years without a tender ”.


Sertel pointed out that the favors made in the business are not limited to these and said, “Moreover, it was determined that 2010 square meters of open area was rented to this facility in 12, and the area of ​​2013 square meters was increased to 12 square meters in 30 and 2017 square meters in 210”.

Seretl says, “The Court of Accounts is openly saying, 'You give out a thousand 250 immovables very cheaply, extend the time unlawfully, damage the institution'. We appeal to TCDD management; whose goods do you offer to whom? You will give the account "he said.


Emphasizing that the irregularities regarding other workplaces rented out by TCDD 1st Regional Directorate, Sertel said;

  • While the rental increase rates of the real estates rented out by TCDD 1st Regional Directorate and used as commercial enterprises should be determined according to the domestic producer price index according to their contracts, it is determined according to the consumer price index and as a result, the incomplete rent increase rate is applied to the corporation's income loss of approximately 10,5 million TL. It is stated that
  • The Court of Accounts emphasizes that the rental income of the institution in 2019 is 64 million and that this income will increase many times if the leases are made duly and in accordance with the market conditions.
  • I think it is inevitable that the institution will make a profit when these irregularities are eliminated in the institution, which causes billions of lira loss every year. All our people will see this under our power. All SEEs will rise again when the faucets to the supporters and the rent are cut.



    1. If you don't make and implement a competitive freight and passenger transport plan on earning money. you will hurt. If you look at the distribution of the damage, you will see that a small part of this is due to the lack of service and quality problems, while the majority of the rental prices of the immovable properties.