Sümela Monastery and Altındere Valley Prepare for New Tourism Season

special interest in the sumela monastery and altindere valley
special interest in the sumela monastery and altindere valley

📩 08/01/2021 14:23

Trabzon Municipality, not only in the region, Turkey's most important tourism destinations among the Sumela Monastery and the Valley of the Altindere performing work feverishly to prepare for the new season.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu, who has been working effectively to develop tourism in Trabzon and to spread it to 12 months since the day he took office, has been making great efforts to make the city a tourism center. Mayor Zorluoğlu is carrying out tourism projects one after another in order to make Trabzon more popular with its historical and natural beauties.


Stating that tourism is indispensable for Trabzon, Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu made statements about the works carried out in the Sümela Monastery and Altındere Valley. Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “Tourism is one of the most important sectors of Trabzon's economy. For this reason, as Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, we give special importance to tourism. Since the day we took office, we have been implementing very important investments to strengthen tourism infrastructures one after another. In this sense, Altındere Valley and the Sümela Monastery within it are of great importance ”.


Stating that there is a huge traffic and transportation mess in Altındere Valley, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “We have taken precautions to prevent this completely. We have created 2 large parking areas for both buses and regular vehicles. Our visitors will park their vehicles in the parking lots below that we have prepared in extremely modern conditions. We will take our visitors to this area in a much more comfortable and safe way by minibuses with a ring-shaped transportation system and then bring them back to the parking lots where their vehicles are located. Thus, the traffic congestion here will be largely eliminated. While doing this, we also considered the necessary precaution for our citizens who will go to Çakırgöl and the plateaus and villages above. "We are creating a new way that will not create a problem," he said.


Stating that they will implement an important project in order to ensure that visitors have a good time in Altındere Valley, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “Another important project we are trying to realize is a big investment in the form of a country coffee house, a country restaurant and a visitor center. When we put it into service with the tourism season, we will have created very good eating, drinking and resting places for our local and foreign visitors. Sümela Monastery is currently a place on UNESCO's World Heritage Tentative List. With the process we started, we will complete the work on including the Sümela Monastery in the World Heritage List in the coming years. And Sümela Monastery will now become a much better known destination in the world that visitors will want to come to, ”he said.


Providing information about the highly anticipated ropeway project, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “Our ropeway project, which is prepared with two stops, has been completed. The first leg starts from the parking area, in other words, inside the valley, and reaches a point that is far from Sümela but higher. In the project, there are viewing terraces, eating and drinking places, walking areas in that area. So it takes you into the forest. The second leg carries you to a point close to Sümela, so it is a two-stop cable car system. At the first stop, there will be an area where you can spend 3-4 hours very comfortably, such as scenery, observation terraces, walking paths and restaurants offering completely different beauties. You get on the cable car again, and from there it takes you off at a very close point to the Sümela Monastery, which we call the second leg, and from there you go to Sümela ”.


Mayor Zorluoğlu stated that they are looking for investors for the completed project with a cost of approximately 100-150 million TL and said, “A few serious investor companies are in contact with us. Hopefully, we will realize the tender in a short time. If there was no pandemic process, we might have contracted this business, but this process inevitably affected the investors. Therefore, we hope that we will hold this tender in the first 2021 months of 6. We will implement the project with the build-operate-transfer model ”.

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