Should Cancer Patients Have Covid-19 Vaccine?

Should cancer patients have the covid vaccine
Should cancer patients have the covid vaccine

📩 14/01/2021 12:23

Covid-19 vaccine will be started to be given to people in the risk group very soon. Cancer patients and their relatives "Should Covid-19 vaccine be administered to cancer patients?" Emphasizing that he was curious about the answer to the question, Anadolu Medical Center Medical Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Serdar Turhal said, "We recommend vaccination if the general condition of the patient is good".

Underlining that cancer patients are recommended to be vaccinated, Anadolu Health Center Medical Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Serdar Turhal said, “None of the Covid-19 vaccines planned to be applied in the society and produced with different technologies are live virus vaccines. Although it is predicted that the studies conducted do not include cancer patients and the expected efficacy will be low especially in patients receiving active chemotherapy, we recommend that cancer patients have one of the Covid-19 vaccines approved by the Ministry of Health, considering that any of these vaccines will reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection in patients.

Stating that there is not much information about which type of vaccine would be more appropriate because there are no studies for cancer patients, Prof. Dr. Serdar Turhal said, “We think that all of these vaccines can be applied theoretically. In other words, we recommend both the mRNA vaccine and the inactive vaccine ”.

If the patient is in good condition, the vaccine can be applied at all stages.

Stating that every cancer patient can be vaccinated, it is not recommended that these vaccines be administered in the period when patients have active Covid-19 infection or that these vaccines are not recommended when they are fond of cancer disease. Dr. Serdar Turhal said, “We recommend it to be applied to patients whose general condition is good. We do not have any restrictions regarding the stage, these vaccines can be made at every stage ”.

Side effects go away soon

Stating that there is no shared information in terms of side effects regarding the administration of vaccines especially to cancer patients, Prof. Dr. Serdar Turhal said, “As far as we know, the side effects associated with these vaccines are not so severe. "We do not think that there will be an additional problem if the vaccine is administered in the period when the general condition of cancer patients is good, since the possible side effects pass after a few days."

5 percent of cancer patients die due to Covid-19

Stating that cancer patients are afraid that they will definitely die when they get this virus, Medical Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Serdar Turhal, "caught up with the help of the Ministry of Health in Turkey being treated for cancer in 1523, we followed the Covidien-19 disease patients. In our 1-month follow-up, the death rate in these patients was 5.1 percent. In the study conducted by the Radiation Oncology Association, the rate was again found to be 5 percent. The 40 percent figures previously reported from China were not seen in our own follow-up patients, a much lower mortality rate was observed. These data were published in the prestigious International Journal of Cancer of UICC (Union for International Cancer Control) in early December. Be published here can say a sign that precious data of Turkey, "he said.

"In addition, in another report recently from the New York Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, there are early reports that cancer patients continue to be contagious for up to two months when they get Covid-19," he emphasized.

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