Minister Selçuk Ringed the Term Holiday Bell

Selcuk minister rang the half-holiday bell
Selcuk minister rang the half-holiday bell

The Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk rang the half-term holiday bell at the video conference held with the participation of a primary school, a secondary school and a high school students from each province. Making the evaluation of the first term, Minister Selçuk asked the students to stay away from the screen, where they spent a lot of time for months. Selçuk presented a new proposal for students to have a fun time and introduced the “23 Days Together” work, which includes a special event prepared for different class levels.

The first semester of the 2020-2021 academic year completed National Education Minister Ziya Selcuk, Turkey, met with the students in digital media everywhere. In the video conference attended by primary, secondary and high school students from 81 provinces, sohbet Minister Selçuk shared his assessment of the first term.

Pointing out that there was a period in which many things such as education, business life and shopping were transferred to the digital environment due to the epidemic, Ziya Teacher had a suggestion to the students, "Please stay away from the screen for this holiday." said. He explained the preparations for this with the following words: “We say stay away from the screen but we do not leave the word here. 'What shall we do instead?' We have made a preparation that we hope you will love to answer your question. During the 23-day semester break, we prepared special and entertaining events for primary school, middle school and high school students.

Wishing the report cards of primary and secondary school students to be beneficial, Selçuk said, “I wish our children, teachers and parents to have a nice rest period during the holiday. We will not cut off contact with each other during this period. From here, I express my love to all our children, especially my thanks to our teachers and parents. " he spoke.

What's in 23 Days Together?

The "Resfebe" section that allows students to look at different concepts such as letters, numbers, and colors in the content of "23 Days Together" holiday activities The "Who is O" section where people known for their studies in Turkish and World science and art are introduced; There are sections with puzzles, sudoku, games, the experiment of the day and story completion activities for the development of students' writing skills.

“23 Days Together” holiday activities aimed to plan the holiday processes of primary, secondary and high school students within the framework of education and were presented to ensure the continuity of the positive momentum in the students' attitudes and behaviors in the process.

"23 Days Together" events calendar was made available at.


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