Safe Transportation is Provided in Public Transport with the HES Code

Safe transportation is provided in public transport thanks to the hes code
Safe transportation is provided in public transport thanks to the hes code

The HES Code application initiated by the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality in order to make public transportation safer and to minimize the risk of virus transmission gives positive results. 516 people who tried to use public transportation but were found to be risky thanks to the application were identified and were not allowed to use public transportation and reported to the Ministry of Health.

In accordance with the circular titled "HEPP Code Inquiry in Local Public Transportation" issued by the Ministry of Interior, passengers continue to board the public transportation vehicles with cards matching the HES code as of December 1. In this context, 845 thousand card holders out of 435 thousand people who currently use public transportation in the city and whose cards show mobility have been matching the HES Code. It was determined that 516 people among the cardholders whose HES code matching was made by

With the HEPP inquiries and the black list application made so far, 516 risky people were prevented from using public transportation, and these people were reported to the Ministry of Health. According to the data in the hands of Transportation Inc., there are still 219 people who have a public transportation card and if these people try to use public transportation, they will be detected immediately and both will be prevented from using public transportation and will be notified to the Ministry of Health.


Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç, stating that the importance of HEPP code put into practice in public transportation within the scope of combating the pandemic has been understood once again, said, “I wish my fellow citizens of Kayseri healthy days. Our Kayseri is at a good point during the pandemic process, but it has not yet reached the level we desire. Hopefully, I would like to share our sacrifice in this field and that we expect our fellow townsmen to support our work by continuing our efforts. "It is the simple rule of thumb, there is no problem that we cannot overcome as long as we follow the mask, distance and hygiene rules."


The fight against the pandemic Kayseri Metropolitan Büyükkılıç stating that the Municipality of firsts in Turkey, "Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality as the performed self-sacrificing work in transportation, should support we give to filyasyo team, we have signed the good work our application in both passenger transport. We get standing passengers by applying a first in Turkey and we have started the HPP code of practice, these sacrifices we reached the summit, "he said.

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