Robotic Surgery Period in Knee Replacement Surgery

Robotic surgery period in knee replacement surgery
Robotic surgery period in knee replacement surgery

Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Op.Dr. Şükrü Mehmet Turan gave information about the New Generation Robotic Surgery System, which has been used in knee replacement surgery. Dr. Turan said that thanks to the system that does not allow even a millimeter error, patients underwent a more comfortable surgery, and thus a faster and painless recovery process.

Stating that the New Generation Robotic Surgery System provides significant advantages for the patient and surgeon in partial and total knee replacement surgeries performed by Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialists, Dr. Turan said, “While the system does not allow even a millimeter error in the surgery, it provides a safer operation, while it provides a faster and painless recovery thanks to its features of protecting all ligaments in the knee and minimizing tissue trauma. Robotic surgery with knee replacement; "It is an advanced technology that has emerged as a result of the combination of advanced medical technology and advanced engineering science, allowing orthopedics and traumatology experts to determine the patient's anatomy and to apply implants in the most appropriate and balanced way."

Planning According to Patient's Anatomical Data with 3D Knee Model

Stating that the robotic system guides the orthopedic surgeon performing the surgery in physical, visual and auditory aspects, Dr. Turan said, “In this system, the places where the implant will be placed and the implant movements are transferred to a computer during the operation. The system creates a 3D knee model with knee anatomical data. The model allows the orthopedic surgeon to plan and perform the surgery. In the light of these data, the surgeon places the knee implant in the most appropriate size and angle. In this way, the patient will not be exposed to radiation unnecessarily, since there is no need for pre-operative tomography, ”he said.

The time for the patient to recover and return to daily life is shortened

Noting that the fit of the implant was tested and evaluated at all bending angles of the knee during the operation, Dr. Turan said, “In this way, it is ensured that the surgery is completed in a sensitive and highly accurate manner, especially for the anatomical structure of the patient. In this way, the risk of developing mechanical complications in the future is minimized. With the robotic surgery system under the direction of the surgeon, the chance of error is eliminated, and the recovery period of the patient after the operation and return to daily life is shortened. On the other hand, the healing process becomes more painless and easier thanks to the advantages of the system ”.

Dr. Turan, the patient's system implemented in several centers in Turkey and gave information about the advantages for the surgeon.

  • Creates a 3D Model of the Joint in Surgery without the Need for CT Scanning
  • It helps the surgeon to determine the anatomy of the patient who will have prosthesis surgery and to place the implants in the most appropriate and balanced way.
  • It provides a safe operation by not allowing even a millimeter error.
  • The ligaments in the knee are preserved, tissue trauma is minimized
  • Returning to daily life in a shorter time by providing faster and painless recovery
  • Long life of the prosthesis thanks to the high accuracy of the implants

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