Vaccination Period Starts in Darülaceze

Rebellion period has begun in the darulace
Rebellion period has begun in the darulace

Covidien-developed vaccine against 19, officially began to be implemented in Turkey since January 14th. According to the determined calendar, the second stage was passed. In the vaccination calendar including those staying in nursing homes; IMM also has aged guests staying in Darülaceze. The vaccinated guests said, “They take good care of us here. The health system of this place works very well ”and expressed their satisfaction.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), extraordinary struggle that continues to be seen in Turkey from March 2020-19 against Covidien continues. In addition to the measures it took throughout the city, it also protected the citizens who were aged in Kayışdağı Darülaceze. The vaccination period has started in Darülaceze, where there have been no deaths from Covid-19 until now.


Providing information about the vaccination program implemented today, Darülaceze Director Oktay Özten, affiliated with the IMM Health Department, said that as per the instructions given by IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu on March 24, entry and exit to Darülaceze Directorate were closed as of April 1.


Stating that no adverse case occurred thanks to the strict measures taken, Özten said, “We planned today's vaccination program with the district health directorate. As part of planning, we vaccinated our doctors, nurses and health officers yesterday. After vaccinating our team of 120 people, we started to vaccinate our guests today. We keep our teams on standby in case of any adverse event that may develop after vaccination. We vaccinated 700 of our 615 guests today. We will vaccinate the rest of our guests, ”he said.

They take us very well

Aged guests who were vaccinated also expressed their satisfaction as follows: “I feel very good. There was no allergy. They take very good care of us here. The health system of this place works very well. Nobody should be afraid of getting vaccinated. Everyone get vaccinated.


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