Tips for Choosing a Perfume

Puff points of choosing perfume
Puff points of choosing perfume

Floral, woody, spicy, oriental touches; Extracts from hundreds of flowers and herbs. Choosing the right perfume from such a rich world is not easy!

You can browse to this point Unica Multibrand Turkey Country Sales Manager Özlem Özsarı Karadas's recommendations.
Choosing perfumes that add charm to charm is a skill that has certain rules. Besides rules, instincts are also important. The perfume should be integrated with the skin and this integration should be so harmonious that the wearer should spread a sweet breeze to others while not feeling it. So, how can all these be achieved? How can those who prefer perfume as a gift on Valentine's Day choose the right perfume for their lovers?

Unica Multibrand Turkey Country Sales Manager Özlem Özsarı Karadas, perfume gives the following information about the rules that should be considered when choosing: "Perfume should use when choosing perfume card but you must arm Experience the smell squeezing in your wrist. However, you should not rub your wrists together; this will only destabilize the perfume. It would be very good to give yourself a half hour and question whether the perfume still creates a taste for you at the end of this period. When choosing a new perfume, you should be careful not to have another effective perfume on you. Since the sense of smell is effective, morning hours are more suitable for choosing perfumes. "

Özlem Özsarı Karadaş emphasized that her personality and lifestyle should also be taken into consideration while buying perfume for the lover, “Romantic, classic, sportive, bohemian; Which is the dominant feature of your lover is important. You should also evaluate the impression that he / she wants to leave in his private life as well as in business and social situations. In general, those with a romantic personality are floral and fruity; spicy and oriental to the classics; "You can buy aquatic perfumes for those who like sports".

Özlem Özsarı Karadaş pointed out that a good perfume does not have to be very expensive and says, "If you follow the perfume selection rules and follow your instincts, you can easily choose the right perfume for your lover, it is not necessarily the most expensive perfume."

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