More than 2 Million Tradesmen Applied to Income Loss and Rent Support

More than million tradesmen applied to lost income and rent support
More than million tradesmen applied to lost income and rent support

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan stated that more than 2 million applications have been received for support for tradesmen and craftsmen and real person merchants, and said, "There were applications for over 1 million 300 thousand income losses and around 754 thousand for rent support." said.

Minister Pekcan received the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Economic Correspondents (EMD) Turgay Türker and the members of the Board of Directors.

Receiving information about EMD's activities, Pekcan answered questions from economy reporters on the agenda.

Stating that the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic caused a shock in both supply and demand aspects all over the world and caused the greatest economic crisis in the global sense after the second world war, Pekcan, with the widespread use of the vaccine produced against the epidemic, He expressed his hopes.

Pekcan of new mutations in the process of the rapid increase in Europe, drawing attention to the negative impact on Turkey, Turkey's best manage this process, reported that the number of cases under control.

Pekcan, the health system is one of the most important issues in the health care system in Turkey and "social state" is that attention, stressed that Turkey's approach ensures that all the positive resolution of the world.

Noting that not only health but also economic life was affected by the epidemic process, Pekcan stated that sectors such as restaurants, cafes, tourism and transportation, tradesmen and craftsmen were the most affected. Pekcan said, "From the very first day, our state stood by our business world with both financing and employment support by continuously improving the scope of the Economic Stability Shield Package, which was implemented under the auspices of our President." found in the evaluations.

Minister Pekcan reminded that since the beginning of the epidemic, tradesmen and craftsmen have been postponed loan payments and low-interest loan supports have been provided through TESKOMB and Halkbank, and reminded that flood and earthquake disasters were experienced during the pandemic period, and grant support was provided for them through TESKOMB .

In addition to this, Pekcan emphasized that they stand by businesses affected by Kovid-19 with Income Loss Support and Rent Support for tradesmen, craftsmen and real person traders announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in December.

“We started receiving requests and applications for these supports as of December 30th. Here, we identified the 133 most affected business lines and published them on our website. We have declared who can benefit from those who are subject to tax in a simple manner, tradesmen and craftsmen in active commercial enterprises related to these, and our tradesmen and craftsmen who perform tax-exempt professions. We extended the application process until the evening of Monday, January 11. If necessary, we extend it again. There are over 2 million applications so far. We have tradesmen who applied for over 1 million 300 thousand income loss support and around 754 thousand for rent support. Our state has always stood by our traders in these difficult days, and it will continue to do so in the future. "

"Declarations of tenants and renters must match"

Stating that, in applications for support, the data system of the Ministry of Trade and the data system of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance are currently working to mutually reconcile, Pekcan said, "As soon as these are completed, I hope we are doing our best to make these payments as soon as possible in January." used the expressions.

Pekcan underlined that they aim to complete the agreements they have made with the Ministry of Treasury and Finance by the end of this week and said, “But of course, since there is rent support, the data of the lessor and the declarations of the tenant must match. When these do not match, maybe this time we will have to make a rent payment or a contract inquiry. " found in the evaluations.

Stating that some bus, shuttle and taxi drivers also applied for rent support, Pekcan said, “These are our business lines that do not have rental rights. These are also controlled. " said.

Minister Pekcan reminded that a budget of 5 billion lira was allocated for these supports when asked about the cost of these supports.

Penalty up to 12 million lira for exorbitant price opportunists

On the other hand, upon being asked about the inspections and sanctions against the businesses making unfair price increases in the market, Pekcan stated that they firstly took the pandemic as an opportunity and put the Advertising Board into action against those who want to apply exorbitant prices.

Pekcan stated that, with the pandemic, they formed the Unfair Price Evaluation Board within the General Directorate of Domestic Trade.

“There are 13 members on this board, 8 of them are public institutions, the others are TOBB, TESK, producer unions, consumer unions and retail sector representatives. It may take time to reach a decision as a result of the inspections, and when the consumer sees something, he expects us to punish the seller immediately. But if you do this, you will lock in the trade. What are we doing? We make our determination and ask that company to defend it, we give it 10 days. We make a decision in the first board meeting after its defense. A joint decision is made here. At the last meeting of the Unfair Price Evaluation Board, 92 companies were fined 2 million 240 thousand liras. 10 companies have been fined 375 million 11 thousand TL in 855 meetings so far by the Board. Of course, there are no penalties imposed by our Consumer General Directorate and the Advertising Board among them. Food products, electronic equipment, shavers, bread machines, colognes, and masks are among the product groups that have been punished the most during the pandemic period. "

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