Mansur Slow Finishes The Projects That Will Relieve Capital Traffic One By One

Mansur slowly completes the projects that will relieve the capital traffic one by one
Mansur slowly completes the projects that will relieve the capital traffic one by one

The Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Mansur Yavaş, completes the projects that have caused traffic accidents for years and will relieve the traffic at the points where there is traffic congestion. At the point at the intersection of Ayaş Road and Devrimler Street, the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs completed the upper part of the multi-storey intersection in 80 days and opened it to traffic in two directions, 3 departures and 3 arrivals.

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, is implementing transportation projects that will ease the traffic of the capital one by one.

In order to minimize the traffic problem of Ankara residents and to ensure the safety of life, the works of multi-storey and bridge intersections continue at full speed. Finally, the first phase of the multi-level intersection work, which was initiated to prevent traffic congestion, due to the presence of a single intersection at the intersection of Ayaş Road and Devrimler Caddesi, was completed and the road was opened to traffic.


While the work carried out by the Science Department teams on a 7/24 basis is progressing rapidly, the upper part of the multi-storey crossroad on Devrimler Street was completed in 80 days and was put into service as 3 arrivals and 3 departures.

With the completion of the 471-meter-long multi-storey intersection, the Metropolitan Municipality will provide more safe and controlled uninterrupted transportation for the drivers, and will relieve the traffic flow with the overpass consisting of 3 arrivals and 3 departures on Ayaş Road. Completing most of the multi-storey intersection in a shorter time than planned, the Department of Science Affairs will construct a connection road under the overpass as 6 lanes departure and 2 lanes arrival to the State, Güzelkent, Tunahan and Yunus Emre neighborhoods.


While the intersection, which was completed and put into service, received full marks from the people of Başkent, the residents and tradesmen expressed their satisfaction with the work that will prevent traffic accidents:

Abraham Baz: “I'm tradesman here. We have been following the work for about 80 days. The construction of the bridge was more advantageous as it also coincided with the pandemic. It is a very good project in terms of reducing traffic density. Traffic density immediately decreased. A red light was placed there at Başer Crossroads. Previously there was an overpass there. We have a large organized industrial zone, and the large vehicles leaving there caused traffic. Traffic accidents and constant horn sounds did not stop here. "

Salim Silk: “I work in this area. Before the crossroad, traffic was very busy here. Since Organize Sanayi exit, traffic was key in the morning and evening hours. Too many traffic accidents occurred, many people lost their lives here. We will be very comfortable thanks to this crossroads built by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. We would like to thank the entire team, especially our President Mansur Yavaş. "

Emre Arslan: “It was very good compared to its former state. There were too many accidents before. God bless those who do. "

Free Flower: “The crossroad is very good. Traffic density will decrease in the evening and morning hours. Convenience of transition will be provided. Because we were expecting too much. I wish good luck to everyone. "

Tuncay Vural: “We had to wait too much in the morning and evening. In that respect it was very good. We thank you."

Battal Cunning: “We had a lot of trouble crossing here. It has been very good for us, it has relieved the traffic. Thank you to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. "

Tarik Muftuoglu: “Our waits for passing here are over. It also reduces accidents. Thank you to Mansur Yavaş. "

Murat Goktas: “The bridge intersection has reduced the traffic and waiting time here. Our Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is working. "

Hussein Odabasi: “Good luck to Ankara. Thank you very much to our President Mansur. "

Nurettin Young: “God bless anyone who thinks about the Köprülü Junction. It will relieve the traffic here and reduce the accidents. We thank you."

Yilmaz Civan: “There were too many accidents. People were losing their lives and possessions. Thank you."

Ali Celik: “May Allah Mansur be pleased with our president. The traffic here is very relaxed. Our Mansur president is already doing a lot of work. "


Continuing the construction of the bridge that will connect Sincan Akşemsettin, Plevne and İstasyon Mahallesi to Ayaş Road on the Ankara Stream, the Metropolitan Municipality will construct the bridge with a total length of 45 meters in 2 lanes, 2 departures and 4 arrivals.

While the works continue at full speed, the project will ease the traffic of the region and the transition from Sincan district to Ayaş Road will be easier.

Günceleme: 10/01/2021 13:43

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