JAK Teams Made Ski Show in Kars for Disaster Awareness

Jack teams made a ski demonstration in karsta for disaster sensitivity
Jack teams made a ski demonstration in karsta for disaster sensitivity

Kars Governor and Deputy Mayor Turkey's Orphans, accompanying AFAD Provincial Director Oktay DEVICE, Provincial Police Director Yavuz groomsman and 2021 the Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Hidayat Arikan "Turkey Disaster Education Year" as declared so Cibiltepe Ski Center in the city of Sarıkamış met with citizens. The orphans and their companions later joined the citizens sohbet and distributed leaflets with information about the disaster.

In the event, JAK teams carrying the Turkish flag and torch in their hands opened a banner that read, "Together against disaster risks" and slipped off the 1 stage runway of Cıbıltepe.

Orphans, where his speech was reminiscent of the Interior Ministry declared 2021 Year of Turkey disaster.

Explaining that they organize various trainings in order to minimize the loss of life and property in disasters, Öksüz said, “Disasters are one of the events that we frequently encounter and cause loss of life and property as a country. Of course, we want disasters not to cause loss of life and property, let's minimize the damage caused by the disaster, we strive for this. Our Ministry has also prepared Turkey Disaster Year Plan in this regard. We have prepared a plan in this framework in the provinces and we are working in this direction. " said.

Öksüz stated that everyone should be prepared for disasters and said:

“Of course, one of the most important elements of this preparation is education. For him, the year 2021 was declared as the academic year. We wanted to do an awareness training here. We want our cities to be safe cities, let's live in safer cities. Various improvements are made during and after disasters, we want to reduce the resources we spend for improvement and interventions, spend less money and get out of disasters with the least damage. "

Stating that citizens should be included in the trainings on disasters, Öksüz said, “When it comes to disaster education, many issues come to mind, there are very important things to be done in the first 6 hours in disasters. The issue of first aid is very important, the contributions of volunteers are extremely important, and it is very important to create temporary assembly and accommodation areas. " used the expressions.

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