Hackers attacked the month of May Top Turkey

In the month of hackers attacked the very mayis turkiyede
In the month of hackers attacked the very mayis turkiyede

According to the WatchGuard Threat Lab malware attacks in Turkey last year took place in most of May.

Hackers, companies and employees stating that unawares since the beginning of the pandemic process WatchGuard Greece and Turkey Country Manager Joseph is not home, since rapidly in May that now work beyond the working of the institutions network, hackers this opportunity and underlines that more intense attacks carried out.

Network security and intelligence, secure Wi-Fi, advanced endpoint protection and multi-factor authentication, a leading global provider WatchGuard last year, noting that Turkey in place in most of May cyber attacks. According to data obtained from the WatchGuard Threat Lab, about 1,5 in 3 of the 1 million malware attacks took place in Turkey was realized in May, while the network attack in which hackers try harder midsummer month of July. Hackers are most WatchGuard evaluating the intensifying attacks in May, Greece and Turkey Country Manager Joseph is not home, which will accelerate the transition to teleworking in May and drawing attention to the fact that when the rush passage, he says that does not offer advanced security protection level company suffered a lot in this process.

Nearly 15 Thousand Attacks Per Day In May Prevented

While every moment of the cybersecurity world is different, hackers have been busy during certain months of this year, according to the WatchGuard Threat Lab. That hackers last year's attack, most of which month in Turkey, most of which type of attack the attention of great importance for that company and their employees perform Joseph is not home, Turkey, especially in May, is now very busy for hackers and day about 15 thousand malware underlines that their attacks have been prevented. Stating that more than 1,5 thousand of the 460 million malware attacks that took place throughout the year took place in May, Evmez states that the biggest reason for this is that the hackers realized that the companies were able to work remotely.

Home Workers' Network Security Invites Hackers

For hackers, the network security of the companies they target in their attack systems is also of great importance. Especially in July, when the pandemic rules were broken and the working processes were processed at different points, it is seen that hacker attacks were carried out on unsecured networks. During the period when nearly a thousand network attacks occurred a day, the most common type was Brute Force Login attacks using brute force. Stating that companies that do not have advanced network security solutions have difficulty in this situation, Yusuf Evmez reminds that companies with weak cyber security are on the target list and warns that they may experience great losses during periods of intense attacks.

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