How to Apply for TOGG Domestic Automobile Factory?

domestic automobile togg job application
domestic automobile togg job application

Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) announced that it would make 1500 staff on reception. In order to prevent the transportation problem, a 1500-person dormitory is also built. Thousands of people who want to be employed in this factory ask "How to apply for a TOGG domestic automobile job?" looking for the answer to the question. So, how to apply for TOGG?

In the statement made via TOGG social media account, “We entered 2021 by starting the superstructure works in line with our plans. In our Gemlik Facility, 220 personnel will be employed for the superstructure construction in January, and a total of 1.500 personnel will be employed. Keep watching us ”expressions were used.

Join the TOGG Team

In the information transferred on the TOGG site; " At TOGG, we place emphasis on the potential of individuals to guide the future as well as their past success and technical competencies. Our team consists of enthusiastic and entrepreneurial individuals with constant enthusiasm for learning, emotionally stable, high intellectual capacity, successful in interpersonal interaction.

There is a very strong meaning link between our life goals and the work we do at TOGG, and therefore we embrace our work with passion. The strongness and persuasion of arguments rather than the hierarchy is important to us in shaping decisions. We expect everyone to take responsibility and develop new ideas; this is how we evaluate our success.

If you have these qualities and want to run to the same goal together without getting tired, we are waiting for you! "

Those who want to apply for a job to work in a domestic automobile factory Job applications online TOGG website can do through.

TOGG Personnel Recruitment to Which Staff?

  • Automotive Mechanic
  • Automotive Body and Paint Repairer
  • Automotive Front Arrangement and Balancer
  • Automotive Electromechanist
  • Automotive Sheet Metal Former
  • Automotive Designer
  • Automotive engineering
  • Mechanical / Electrical-Electronics / Software engineering
  • Automobile sales consultancy

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