Helicopter was Taken to IMM Company Metro Istanbul in 2012

A helicopter has been taken to the Istanbul metro
A helicopter has been taken to the Istanbul metro

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluThe corruption investigation regarding the past period, which was initiated by the order of . Among the files that the IMM Inspection Board had to hand over to the ministry inspectors, there is also the purchase of a Sikorsky helicopter. In the aforementioned file, a 2012 model "Sikorsky S-590B" type helicopter was purchased for 1988 thousand dollars in 76 to Metro A.Ş. While the 6-month return of the helicopter in question was 3.2 million liras, its expenses amounted to 14.4 million liras.

From SÖZCÜ to Özlem Güvemli haberaccording to  IMM inspectors determined that Metro Istanbul A.Ş. owned a helicopter while under the AKP administration and started to investigate the issue. According to the initial determinations, the IMM company Metro Istanbul A.Ş. He sold the 2012 model "Sikorsky S-590B" type helicopter, which he bought in 1988 for 76 thousand dollars including VAT, on 23 January 2019 for 601 thousand 800 TL including VAT.

Income 3.2 Million Lira, Expense 14.4 Million Lira

Metro Istanbul A.Ş., by leasing the helicopter from 2012 to 2018, earned a total of 3 million 220 thousand 401 TL. However, Sikorsky issued an invoice of 14 million 400 thousand 340 TL for the maintenance and other expenses of the helicopter to Metro Istanbul A.Ş.

In 2018, when helicopter rental service was not provided, only 919 thousand 589 TL was paid as personnel wage expense. IMM inspectors, Metro Istanbul A.Ş. wanted to initiate an investigation in order to investigate why the helicopter was purchased by the helicopter, who made the purchase decision, and whether the rental service of IMM was used on site. However, the file had to be handed over to the Ministry of Internal Affairs inspectors when the presidential approval was obtained for the review.

Likewise, one of the files that had to be delivered to the property inspectors was the rail system lines that were canceled in the past and the project duration was extended. It was stated that the public lost about 11 billion liras due to the wrong decisions in the rail system construction works.

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