Dental Health Problems Are As Dangerous As Corona

Health problems in distraction are dangerous as corona
Health problems in distraction are dangerous as corona

Among those who postpone many things in their lives due to the Covid-19 outbreak, there are also those who have dental and gum problems. However, experts note that delayed dental treatments cause danger for the whole body, especially the immune system, from heart to kidney.

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic that deeply affected our lives, we were afraid to leave our homes. Many people do not even go to hospitals for fear of getting a virus. However, this situation brings with it greater health hazards than coronavirus. Perhaps the most overlooked of these are tooth and gum problems. While dental health problems affect the whole body even in normal time, it also puts a strong immune system that we need most in this period.

Dentist Arzu Yalnız Zogun, member of the Association of Dentists Academy, drew attention to the fact that dental treatments delayed in the corona poses a danger to the health of the whole body from the heart to the kidneys. "Health starts from the mouth and deteriorates from the mouth," said Zogun, and said that in a person with a weakened immune system, the symptoms of this can be seen very clearly in the form of wounds in the mouth, on the tongue and around the teeth.

Zogun noted that problems such as rotten, broken, missing teeth prevent good chewing while eating, and that a food that is not chewed properly is digested when it enters the stomach, adding, “Therefore, it is not possible to benefit from the food in a healthy way,” and added: “In the saliva, in the mouth. there are bacteria. Normally these are in balance. So if we are a very healthy individual, these bacteria are all present. All beneficial and harmful bacteria are in balance. In a poorly cared mouth, with decay and gum problems, the balance is disturbed and these bacteria go to the stomach with the food eaten. Therefore, oral care, the treatment of these caries, the teeth of the non-functional areas that cannot be chewed because there are missing teeth are absolutely necessary. "

'Can mix with blood'

Mentioning that we may be obliged to use antibiotics or drugs due to caries and bacteria, infections, 20-year-old teeth, gum problems, inflammation, dentist Zogun emphasized that the use of antibiotics is not a very healthy thing for the intestines, and that it is one of the important factors affecting the immune system. . “Therefore, oral health must be in place in order not to be obliged to take these drugs. These problems in the mouth actually disrupt the entire systemic balance, ”said Zogun, and gave the following information:

“The problematic 20-year-old tooth must be extracted, otherwise the infected tooth will cause this infection to enter the bloodstream. Because we don't just think of bacteria in the mouth as bacteria that enter the stomach. When a tooth is brushed or eaten, when any bleeding occurs in the mouth, these bacteria enter the blood. If the balance of bacteria in the mouth is disturbed, the bacteria that cause illness become active. "

Noting that teeth do the first grinding of food, if the breakdown of the food is interrupted here, it tears the stomach when it goes to the stomach and causes digestion and stomach problems, Zogun once again reminded the importance of teeth for the digestive system and added:

“If there is a broken, rotten, missing tooth in the mouth and the patient uses only one side for eating, this creates problems in the joints. Joint problems are actually the first part of a large system. This is a process that leads to the deterioration of the spine. In other words, a problem in chewing causes problems in the spine, going up to the waist. "

'It tires the body'

According to the information given by Dentist Zogun, if there is a problem anywhere in the body, the body constantly tries to repair it, and this is something that tires the body. For this reason, problems or infections in the mouth need to be repaired. Because the immune system also decreases in the tired body. However, it is very important to have a strong immune system to fight the virus. Zogun also underlined that if there is a problem in the heart, it is possible that the infection in the mouth can go to important organs such as the heart and kidney and cause problems there.

We know that the virus enters the body through the mouth, nose and eyes. Stating that many people were afraid to go to dental clinics during the coronavirus period, Zogun said, "In fact, the danger for us is the patients who come to be treated" and added. “Apart from the corona, there are many resistant and harmful infections, bacteria and viruses. Under normal conditions, we already provide a high level of protection against them. During the corona period, we started to apply these sterilization and disinfection methods at a higher level, in accordance with international protocols. And apart from standard methods such as the HES code of the incoming people, temperature measurement, we determine in advance whether that patient is a risk for us, with the anamnesis we receive on the phone, that is, the information we receive about the patient's current or past diseases. We treat patients who are safe and, whenever possible, reduce the number of patients we receive in a day rather than comparing them with each other. But of course I can say this on behalf of the clinics who pay great attention to this issue. The risk of virus contamination is very high in places that do not pay attention to sterilization conditions, are unreliable, under stairs, only make dental prostheses, and are also questionable under normal conditions. That's why I recommend them to pay attention to the places to be treated. "

'Health is more precious than anything'

Noting that there are a number of criteria that patients should pay attention to in the clinic they go to, Zogun listed them as follows: “First of all, it is not necessary to go to a clinic with normal clothes. Because the outfit should be different from the outfit. It should be treated in a place where the uniform is worn. In addition, it must be treated in clinics that take extra protection measures during patient treatment. I protect it with ozone, etc. I care more about the things done physically than the methods like. Because we cannot know what is in the air, but physically, gloves, masks, protectors worn on the head, overalls worn on the body, all these are very important. Because these are the things that increase the isolation between the patient and the doctor. Therefore, I recommend patients to be treated in clinics above a certain standard. Because our health is not something you can spend very cheaply. Our health is very precious. People may think of the most luxurious for their home or car, but they can shift their health to the second and third plan and behave more sloppy. I suggest that you behave more carefully in this matter. "

Zogun said that clinics that do not pay much attention to health rules due to the coronavirus and approach patients in the form of a little more mass production, may not be preferred and will be eliminated in time, finally gave the following message: "Health is very precious, it should be given the highest care."

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