As Fatih Kent Site, Declared as a Risky Zone in 2017, Will Transform on Site with KİPTAŞ

as a risky zone, the city of fatih will turn into place with kiptas
as a risky zone, the city of fatih will turn into place with kiptas

İBB subsidiary KİPTAŞ will carry out the urban transformation of "As Fatih Kent Sitesi", which consists of 2017 blocks and 7 residences, in Bağcılar Kirazlı Mahallesi, which was declared a "risk zone" in 190. The rights holders residing in the site to be rebuilt with the "on-site transformation model" will sign a contract with KİPTAŞ, CHP Deputy Chairman Ahmet Akın and İBB President Ekrem İmamoğluIt started with the testimony of Meeting with the resident of the site, Hatice Döğer, who played an active role in the negotiations with KİPTAŞ, İmamoğlu emphasized that they aim to do an exemplary business for Istanbul. İmamoğlu said, “We will explain this model to Turkey as an example. A; We transform on the spot. Two; There will be homes as our beautiful families want. Three; it will be solid. Fourth; it will be fast. And as KIPTAS, it will be under our guarantee. Hopefully, everything will be fine,” he said.

Consisting of 7 blocks and 190 residences in Bağcılar Kirazlı District, “As Fatih Kent Sitesi” was declared a risky area in 2017. The site, which has the status of a risky area, came to the fore once again with the recent earthquakes. The existing damage on the site, increasing with the new earthquakes and the fears of the citizens who have to sit here, became news on TV channels along with many mass media. The residents of the site, who have had the same nightmare for about 4 years, came together at a common table in the works they carried out with KİPTAŞ, an affiliate of IMM. On January 31, 2020, the residents of the site, who achieved a majority of 3 out of 2, decided on the “Exemplary On-Site Transformation Model” offered by KİPTAŞ within the scope of urban transformation.


KİPTAŞ, who quickly mobilized the process, completed the draft project and pre-feasibility studies in February 2020 and informed the delegation representing the residents of the site. The talks and studies, which accelerated as of February 2020, were suspended for 2020 months due to the pandemic in March 3. With the work resumed on June 19, 2020, "preliminary architectural project" and project visuals were prepared. The delegation representing the site received the first presentation from KİPTAŞ in September 2020. 190 out of 170 independent units residing on the site gave a letter of consent (permit) to the institution on 22 September 2020 for the urban transformation of their residences to be carried out by KİPTAŞ. KİPTAŞ revised the project in line with the requests from beneficiaries. After the revisions, the selection of flats was completed as of January 2021.


KİPTAŞ, to enter into contracts with the right holders, Deputy Chairman of the Republican People's Party (CHP) Ahmet Akın and Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). Ekrem İmamoğluIt started with the testimony of The first contract was signed between KİPTAŞ General Manager Ali Kurt and Hatice Döğer, who played an active role in the negotiations between the committee representing the residents of the complex. During the signing ceremony held at KİPTAŞ General Directorate in Topkapı, the following dialogues took place between Akın, İmamoğlu, Kurt and Döğer, who stated that he has been residing in the site for nearly 30 years:


İmamoğlu: Hopefully, we want to seat you in a safer building.

Döğer: I hope. Anyway, all of our efforts are to be able to live in both a solid and new, safe building. I made a lot of effort for this. I think the end will be good, I hope.

İmamoğlu: There is an exemplary aspect of our work. We want to set an example for Istanbul. Your site is either 7 blocks; Perhaps nearly 150 thousand buildings in Istanbul are unfortunately disabled. Therefore, we want to solve this problem. Our work with you to solve this problem is actually a model. Of course, here we will both compromise and give you your homes where you are used to, and we will give them in the most appropriate financial conditions. It is the responsibility of KİPTAŞ here. Do you know what to do while doing all these? Our one eye will be aware of our other eyes; that much transparent.

Döğer: Thank you for that. Thanks, indeed, all employees of KİPTAŞ helped us in every way.


İmamoğlu: will describe this model as an example to Turkey. This is a place with 190 residences and 7 blocks in Bağcılar. Our aunt says, 'We have been living for 26-27 years.' Unfortunately, even a building built 26-27 years ago has concrete to crumble with your hand. This is very sad. One; we transform in place. Two; There will be homes as our beautiful families want. Three; will be solid. Fourth; will be fast. And it will be under our guarantee as KİPTAŞ. We work on this model all over Istanbul. We have Kartal, Pendik, Eyüp… We work with our models in many places. It will start fast in Beylikdüzü… God willing, everything will be fine.

Döğer: I think that there has been no problem with us until now. So we surpassed them all.

Kurt: Mommy, we'll hire you.


Akin this work of you, it creates hope in Turkey tomorrow's cities.

İmamoğlu: I hope. May Allah make you all. Ali, we take pictures, we sign… My excitement is rising, I say; as if these buildings will be finished tomorrow. We have to move that fast. Let's finish fast, by Allah's leave, and get your homes as soon as possible. We need to move you to your safe homes quickly, but it will be high quality.

Between the fours in a friendly atmosphere sohbet Afterwards, KİPTAŞ General Manager Kurt and site resident Döğer signed an urban transformation agreement with Akın and İmamoğlu. After the remaining signatures are completed, demolition and evacuation procedures of risky structures will be carried out. After the demolition process is completed, the foundation of the project will be laid.

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