Aegean Fishermen Exported Three Of Every Four Fishes Exported

Egeli fishermen exported ends out of every four fishes exported
Egeli fishermen exported ends out of every four fishes exported

Aegean exporters of aquatic products, Turkey has made $ 2020 million in 1 to 53 billion 741 million dollars of exports was marked by contributions to the industry. Turkey's exports in 2020, where each 4 fish, 3 exported to the fishermen managed to Egeli, put $ 2023 billion export target for the year 1 of aquaculture.

Turkey's improving every year, the export 2000 million aquaculture for the dollar in 59, voicing move in 2020 to 1 billion 53 million dollars to Turkey Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters' Association Industry Board Chairman Sinan Kızıltan, voiced the contribution of Egeli fishing in the success of the industry is very large.

Informing that 2020 companies in the Aegean Region contributed to the exports of aquaculture products in 164, Kızıltan said, “After 2000, modern facilities were established by entrepreneurs in the Aegean Region in the aquaculture sector. Thanks to the production in these facilities, our aquaculture production increased to 836 thousand tons. 373 thousand tons of this production is obtained from farmers. We made 2020 percent of our aquaculture exports of 1 billion 53 million dollars in 84 from products obtained from aquaculture. 10 of the top 8 companies in aquaculture exports are Aegean exporters. "We aim to exceed $ 2023 billion in exports of fisheries from the Aegean Region in 1," he said.

Aegean Exporters' Unions shared the stars of exports with newspaper ads when they had to postpone the “Stars of Export Award Ceremony”, which it organizes every year, due to the pandemic this year.

In the top three of the Aegean Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters Union in the sharing of the Aegean Exporters Union; KLC GIDA ÜRÜNLERİ İTH.İHR.VE TİC.A.Ş., GÜMÜŞDOĞA SU ÜRÜNLERİ ÜRETİM İHRACAT VE İTHALAT A.Ş. and AGROMEY DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş. took place. The first three companies in 2020 to 418 million dollars in foreign exchange while gaining Turkey, Turkey succeeded in having the first three places in the sector in general.

Domestic consumption should also increase

as they spent working to increase the export of aquatic products in Turkey, which draws the fact that they also endeavor to increase domestic consumption Kızıltan words concluded: "Fish strengthens the immune system. It is very rich in omega3, it benefits intelligence development, protects heart health, strengthens bones, repairs cells, protects against depression, reduces the risk of diabetes, and makes a great contribution to weight control. In developed countries, per capita fish consumption of 30-40 kilos are likely to find this figure in Turkey 6 kg. Our goal is to increase this figure to 15 kg per person. For this, we are carrying out projects to increase domestic consumption as well as increase exports. "

Perch most in demand

perch on the export of aquatic products in Turkey amount of $ 355,6 million, while the most preferred fish, sea bream reached 311 million dollars. Trout $ 120 million in foreign currency for Turkey, while saving our tuna exports was recorded as 65,3 million dollars. Turkish salmon exported 96 million dollars with an export growth rate of 56,8 percent. The export of rock bass is; It was 6,3 million dollars.

The Netherlands became the country with the highest number of exports

Export of aquatic products in the Netherlands from Turkey while maintaining the top spot with 133 million dollars in export of aquatic products, aquatic products exports to Russia increased by 49 percent and reached 132 million dollars. To Italy, one of the countries with the worst pandemic; With an increase of 17 percent, 129 million dollars of aquaculture products were sent.

Turkey's exports in the amount of $ 81 million in the fourth fisheries Greece, while the UK ranks fifth with 74 million dollars worth of fish prefer Turkey. Japan and Germany took the 73,6th and 6th places on the list, with a demand of $ 7 million for Turkish fish. We exported $ 43,3 million to Spain, $ 33,3 million to the USA, and $ 26 million to Israel. Turkish seafood added flavor to the tables of billions of people in 93 countries.


2019 2020

TOTAL VALUES Amount (KG) Amount ($) Amount (KG) Amount ($) Quantity KG Amount ($)
TROUT 22.535.367 116.736.188 23.652.761 120.412.602 4,96 3,15
PERCH 64.220.416 331.683.675 60.915.455 355.576.387 -5,15 7,20
BREW 65.849.611 286.095.345 68.223.126 310.705.775 3,60 8,60
ORKINOS 7.118.695 88.662.421 6.887.428 76.504.062 -3,25 -13,71
OTHERS (ROCK LEVEL) 899.789 6.722.378 879.267 7.226.073 -2,28 7,49
BLACK SEA SALMON 4.859.374 29.047.871 12.450.022 56.827.690 156,21 95,63
OTHER 31.355.064 153.026.870 25.959.791 125.850.955 -31,35 -18,30
SUBTOTAL 165.483.252 858.947.878 173.008.058 927.252.588 4,55 7,95
GENERAL 196.838.316 1.011.974.748 198.967.849 1,00 4,06

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