Delivery of Updated MILKAR-3A3 Electronic Attack System from ASELSAN

Delivery of the updated electronic attack system from ASELSAN to MILKAR
Delivery of the updated electronic attack system from ASELSAN to MILKAR

Videos related to the 2020 defense industry activities were published on the social media accounts of the Turkish Defense Industry Presidency. In the latest Electronic Systems video, it was shared that the delivery of the updated MILKAR-2020A3 Electronic Attack System in 3 is continuing.

MİLKAR-3A3 was among the indigenous systems exhibited within the scope of the "ASELSAN New Systems Promotion and Facility Opening Ceremony" held with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in November last year.

Target Attack of the communications system developed by ASELSAN Electronics JAMINT-3A3 assault the purpose of implementing the electronic system, Turkey has carried out in Syria are believed to be actively used in the operation.


MİLKAR-3A3 Mobile V / UHF Electronic Attack System has been developed for the purpose of applying Electronic Attack (ET) to target communication systems communicating in V / UHF frequency band on different platforms. It is used to prevent or delay the target V / UHF band communication, or to provide advantage to friendly units in the tactical field by causing false information transmission.

A Power Amplifier System with fast switching, efficient power supply and feeding infrastructure, which can provide high RF output power in the wide frequency band, is used in the system. Reactive Mixing capability of the system thanks to the Signal Unit used for fast generation of the mixing signal and the Wideband Receiver Unit with wide instantaneous bandwidth. kazanhas been raised. Thanks to this feature, the system can effectively jam against frequency hopping target communication systems in the tactical field.

Electronic Support (ED) capability to assist the system, scrambling, to search, capture, detect and record key parameters of target broadcasts is also included. kazanhas been raised. Mission Planning Software with analysis capability is used for support purposes to increase mixing efficiency in the system. The MİLKAR-3A3 System is located in two vehicles as the lower and upper band. It is possible to produce a solution in a single vehicle according to the band division and vehicle selection to be determined in line with the needs of the user. Together with the system shelter, the air conditioning units, antennas and primary power source generator are ergonomically placed on the 4×4 vehicle platform. The MİLKAR-3A3 System has high mobility in the tactical field, thanks to the ability to carry all its contents on the vehicle platform. He can change positions in a very short time after the execution of the shuffle mission (Leap Ability). The system can be operated independently of the platform. In line with the needs, the system can be integrated into different platforms.

General features

  • V / UHF frequency coverage
  • Analog / digital mixing signal
  • Electronic attack in different types / modes
  • Wide dam mixing bandwidth (adjustable)
  • Effective mixing against frequency hopping broadcasts
  • Effective scrambling against DDGS (Direct Sequence Wide Spectrum) broadcasts
  • Efficient mixing of GNSS broadcasts and satellite handheld terminals
  • Audio / IF recording capability
  • Determining protected frequencies / frequency bands to protect friendly radio communication
  • Protection capability for friendly frequency hopping radio loops
  • Software based digital radio infrastructure (programmable conversion and switch capability)
  • Communication infrastructure suitable for remote use
  • Coordinate work with the command and control center
  • Automatic antenna upgrade / rotation infrastructure
  • Power infrastructure that supports uninterrupted operation
  • Advanced Built In Test (BIT) capability
  • Operation with a single operator
  • High mobility in the tactical field
  • Quick setup / gather and jump ability
  • Unit / system design in accordance with MIL-STD-810F and MIL-STD 461/464 military standards


  • User-Friendly User Interface Software
  • Mission Planning Software
  • Propagation loss analysis on real land
  • Indication of the proper mixer position and calculation of the appropriate output power for efficient mixing
  • Offline Signal Analysis Software
  • Target and Jamming Techniques Libraries


  • RF Output Power: User-specific solutions can be produced.
  • Jamming Types: Continuous, Mid-View, Target Triggered
  • Mixing Modes: Single, Sequential, Multiple, Barrage, Reactive
  • Deception Ability:
  • Analog deception sources (microphone, sound recording, IF recording)
  • Digital deception sources (specified bitstream, IF register)
  • Demodulation: FM, AM, LSB, USB, CW
  • Recording Modes: Audio and IF Signal Recording Modes
  • Power (generator): 220/380 ± 10% VAC, 50 ± 3 Hz, 3 Phase
  • Operating Temperature: -30 ° / + 50 ° C
  • Storage Temperature: -40 ° / + 60 ° C
  • Humidity: 95% (non-condensing)

Critical Technologies

  • Reagent mixing capability applicable to frequency hopping signals
  • Efficient power amplifiers with high power output
  • Narrowband / Wideband receiver capabilities (Scanning / Detection / Demodulation)
  • High mixing signal generator speed
  • Direction adjustable, high kazanTri-directional mixing/listening antennas

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