Covid-19 Vaccines are Personalized with the DataMatrix System

Covid vaccines are personalized with the data matrix system
Covid vaccines are personalized with the data matrix system

Turkey in the context of the fight against koronavirüsl launched on Thursday, January 14 Covidien-19 vaccine by the end of the first week of practice approached, the number of vaccinated health care workers approached 1 million. Storage, transportation and application issues, which have been discussed about vaccines from day one, are becoming clearer day by day.

The Ministry of Health creates a personalized data matrix based on the TR ID number, thanks to the tracking infrastructure that it has put into use to track the COVID-19 vaccines offered free of charge at every stage. In this way, the use of the vaccine other than the person assigned to his name is prevented and the traceability of the vaccines throughout the supply chain is ensured. On the other hand, which vaccine will be given to whom, where and when is being processed. Thanks to the data matrix system, the number of instantaneous vaccinations can also be tracked online on the "Ministry of Health Covid-19 Vaccine Information Platform".

A transparent and traceable vaccination process has been established

The data matrix system, designed and produced with completely domestic and national facilities, has been used since 2011 for polio, mixed, rabies and many different vaccines in the national vaccination program prepared by the vaccine tracking system of the Ministry of Health. VISIOTT General Manager Emre Özden, stating that they have developed a data matrix infrastructure for Covid-19 vaccines by following the regulations of the Ministry of Health, gave information about the system:

“Ministry of Health assigns a unique data matrix to each COVID-19 vaccine; It prevents vaccine counterfeiting, black marketing, demands for change of rights and attempts to manipulate vaccination priority. By integrating the data matrix with smart health applications such as the electronic appointment system, it also ensures that the social distance rule applied since the beginning of the pandemic is maintained. Another issue where the data matrix of vaccines is beneficial is that it is possible to monitor whether the cold chain is broken for each vaccine. "

Turkey experienced the drug tracking system

The data matrix system, which ensures the traceability of COVID-19 vaccines throughout the supply chain, uses an infrastructure similar to the Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System (ITS) introduced in 2012. The end drug traceability from end to end in the world with success so as to cover the entire pharmaceutical industry performs the first country to Turkey today, working on drug traceability countries and organizations are among the most comprehensive and sustainable (Level 5 - Country Level) country location with the system.

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