Parking Lot of Les Tuffes Ski Resort Caused Crisis Between France and Switzerland

car park of ski resort caused crisis between france and switzerland
car park of ski resort caused crisis between france and switzerland

The car parking of a ski resort in the Jura Mountains on the border of France and Switzerland has created a crisis between the local authorities of the two countries. While France closed the ski slopes within the framework of Covid-19 measures, Switzerland did not take a decision to ban it.

According to the news in Euronews; “Due to the closure of the 650-vehicle parking lot in Les Tuffes ski center on the border of France, the victims of the Swiss La Dole ski resort on the opposite slope caused a crisis between the local governments of the two countries.

Those who want to ski on the Swiss side of the border are obliged to use this car park, and those who come to the La Dole ski resort are currently suffering because they cannot do the sport they love.

“I don't understand the French preventing the Swiss from skiing in their own country,” said Gerard Produit, Tourism Manager of the city of Nyon. This is a one-sided decision. The politics of the two countries took us hostage, ”he said.

Patrick Freudiger, owner of the company that operates the chairlift at the La Dole ski resort, said, "We held a meeting with French and Swiss officials in mid-December on Covid measures, and then we were informed that the parking lot was closed." He used the phrase.

The Governorship of the Jura Region in France announced that the parking lot was temporarily closed on the grounds that it would gather more than six people and endanger public health.

The rate of those who are being treated in intensive care in hospitals in the Jura region due to the epidemic is quite high compared to other parts of the country.

The government in France is under intense pressure from local administrators due to the closure of the ski slopes, which are important tourism centers for local and foreign tourists, during the winter months.

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